“Freedom Spoken Here”: NC GOP Office Firebombed, Vandalized

Sadly, politics can over-inflame people’s passions

(Raleigh N&O) The Orange County Republican Party headquarters was firebombed overnight Saturday and graffiti was spray-painted nearby in an attack that the GOP called “political terrorism.”

A flaming bottle was thrown through a window of the office and a swastika and “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” were painted in black on the side of an adjacent building, Hillsborough officials said in a news release.

Of course, some were quick to call this a “false flag” operation. Sorry, no, it’s typically Leftists perpetrating fake hate incidents.

Governor Pat McCrory stated

“The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy,” McCrory said in a statement. “Violence has no place in our society – but especially in our elections. … I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”

Hillary offered her response

to which the NC GOP thanked her. And

“The North Carolina Democratic Party strongly condemns this attack,” she said. “Violence has no place in our political system. … Our deepest sympathies are with everyone at the North Carolina Republican Party.”

Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper tweeted, “Violence has no place in our democracy and can not be tolerated. The culprits must be caught and brought to justice.”

Trump went with

Overly bombastic.

Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the state GOP, called the bombing “political terrorism.”

Later, Woodhouse said, “Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, all Americans should be outraged by this hate-filled and violent attack against our democracy. … Everyone in this country should be free to express their political viewpoints without fear for their own safety.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt or killed. Here’s the kicker

The flaming bottle, which Woodhouse described as a significant Molotov cocktail, and bomb, was thrown through a window that bore the words “Freedom spoken here.”

If Democrats are lucky, the perpetrators will be folks that they can easily disassociate themselves from, some individual or group that is beyond Leftist fringe.

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56 Responses to ““Freedom Spoken Here”: NC GOP Office Firebombed, Vandalized”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Have fun, stankbreath, have fun.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Says the Pink Little Poodle who lied about his service. Deplorable.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    You know drowning Ive been scouring the polls and I find some good news.

    One is that 10 percent are still undecided….which tells me their disdain for hillary is intense.

    Secondly if the Trumpster would come out and say he is all for legalizing Marijuana….he would siphon about 4-5 points of the Johnson vote in this thing.

    With those numbers he can easily win this election. And most importantly he is still up by 1-2 percent in the LA Times poll……so with a few key calculations and the continued revelations coming out from Wikileaks…..

    I think it will be a disaster if Trump wins but then anyone with a shred of decency cannot possibly pull that handle for Hillary Clinton…..so I would advise all Hillary Clinton potential voters to stay home…..

    Trust me….your party is better then Clinton……The Trumpster on the other hand is nothing more than a narcissist who promises one thing and wont be able to deliver…..you know like OBAMA.

  4. Liam Thomas says:

    NBC fired Billy Bush. I guess they have higher standards than the GOP.

    NEW PLAN GOP….Have Trump go hang out with all the NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC clowns and talk sex with them and tape it and after we got all the democratic perverts on tape he can release the tapes to the public and the left would have to fire them all……

  5. drowningpuppies says:


    Thank you for your service to our country.

    Your opinions on little jeffy’s phony claim about signing up with the Army in 1971 “during the Viet Nam war” and claiming to be a vet?

  6. john says:

    Liam have you looked at the methodology of that LA Times poll?
    Did you figure out why it has always been an outlier? The LA Times explained why in one of their own articles.
    Liam how do you think that “base” of the GOP would react to legalizing pot?
    I think that Trump will get less than 200 electoral votes. I think it will be a Clinton landslide.
    As for volunteering and not signing up: current military qualifications only allow 20% of age group Americans to be allowed to serve in the US Army
    Other services might only accept as few as 10%. It has become a privilege to serve, most are denied that opportunity
    The “base” of the GOP nominated Trump. and the rest of the GOP including posters here allowed it to happen. Now reap what was sowed.
    There is better than 50% chance of the Senate going Blue, that will mean a liberal SCOTUS which will put an end to GOP gerrymandering Congressional districts. That will again put the House back in play.

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