Judge Defies Biology, Decides Privacy Rights Of Girls Are Unimportant

This is the world of Liberals, who tell us that women are super crazy important, but, women need to just shut up and deal with having penis forced upon them in their safe spaces

(Daily Caller) A federal judge ruled Monday that a school district in Ohio must treat a transgender boy “like the girl she is” and allow him unfettered access to a girl’s bathroom, according to local reports.

Judge Algenon Marbley, a Bill Clinton appointee, also said that Highland Local School District must treat the boy as a girl in all other aspects, using his chosen female name and referring to him with female pronouns at all times, reports The Blade, in Toledo, O.H.

Highland has been dealing with this highly confused boy (if the person in question has a penis, then a boy) since 2013, and sued to stop the tyrannical Obama administration from forcing the school to let the boy in with the girls. Team Obama had threatened to pull $1 million in federal funding. You know, money that came from taxpayers without a choice.

Doe, meanwhile, has been pursuing a civil rights complaint against Highland since late 2013. Besides ordering Highland to let Doe use whatever bathroom he wants, the federal government also told the school district that it needs to hire a gender-identity consultant who can train staff members to be properly sensitive on issues of gender identity.

The two cases collided in the ruling Monday. There is “certainly no evidence” that girls at Highland’s schools will have their well-being harmed by sharing facilities with a biological male, Marbley said. All showers at Doe’s school are curtained off, and toilets all have their own stalls, minimizing the risk that girls would encounter a penis in the bathroom, he added.

Hmm, that sounds like mansplaining, does it not? Remember this one?

On Wednesday, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of high school students and parents, asking the court to strike down a Minnesota school district policy that empowers a male student to enter the girls’ locker room and disrobe.

Not surprisingly, many girls have been distressed by the actions of the male student, which include twerking, grinding, and other sexually explicit actions. The response of the district and other authorities to the concerns has been a collective yawn.

I bet they thought, initially, that there would be no evidence of harm and privacy violations.

And, of course, the Highland school had offered an accommodation where the gender confused would use a single stall bathroom, but, apparently, not being able to use the female children’s rooms was taking a toll on his health, per the parents, who should be locked up for child abuse. They always have to include everyone else in their deviancy by force of government.

Choice and privacy are only applicable when it comes to abortion on demand.

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One Response to “Judge Defies Biology, Decides Privacy Rights Of Girls Are Unimportant”

  1. Hoagie says:

    Why is it necessary for the left to play along with this sad case of mental illness? Why, instead of lying to the poor kid and telling him he’s a girl because he “feels” like a girl, don’t they attempt to get the guy some help? There are many forms of mental illness and many ways to help the people who suffer from it. Lying and faking about reality doesn’t seem a good idea. I don’t think telling society that a persons delusion is a fact is helpful to anyone either.

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