Good News: ICC Looks To Prosecute “Environmental Crimes”

What could possibly go wrong?

(Reuters)  The International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Thursday it would start focusing on crimes linked to environmental destruction, the illegal exploitation of natural resources and unlawful dispossession of land in a move hailed by land rights activists.

Company executives or politicians could now be held responsible under international law for illegal land deals which violently displace residents following the shift, campaigners and lawyers said. (snip)

Environmental crimes will now be considered in investigations of cases that fall within the ICC’s existing remit, according to Global Diligence LLP, a London-based human rights law firm said in a statement.

Campaigners and human rights lawyers said the move reflects increasing global recognition of the severity of environmental crimes. It also allows victims to seek justice through the international criminal justice system if their complaints are not heard in national courts.

What’s the old saying about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions? You can certainly see the good uses of this, such as

The shift comes ahead of a decision by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda on whether to investigate a case filed by human rights lawyers in 2014 accusing Cambodian officials and businessmen of engaging in illegal land dispossession.

Global Diligence LLP, the firm representing the Cambodian plantiffs, said the ICC’s policy shift opens the door for the case to be investigated by the court.

Getting beyond the notion of investing more and more power over what goes on in nations to international weenies who are outside any chain of command, you can see them jumping into local and national issues whenever the mood strikes them. Then continuing to expand their investigations more and more into business practices, how people use their own land, how nations use their land. Will they be responsive to the Cult of Climastrology, going after fossil fuels companies and such? The problem here is that there are no limits, nor any true controls on their self created mandate.

But, that’s rather the point of the Progressive movement. Unchecked power.

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6 Responses to “Good News: ICC Looks To Prosecute “Environmental Crimes””

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Might start with how the Clinton Foundation got rich off the poor Haitians…

    But they won’t…

  2. JGlanton says:

    And the Clintons gave watered-down AIDS drugs to the poor africans:

    Former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) distributed “watered-down” HIV/AIDs drugs to patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and “likely increased” the risks of morbidity and mortality, according to a draft congressional report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    The congressional report, titled,“The Clinton Foundation and The India Success Story,” was initiated by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican and vice-chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    The CHAI program to help AIDS victims is considered one of the Clinton Foundation’s most important contributions and is probably its best known initiative.

  3. Jeffery says:

    report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation

    , LOL

    Ranbaxy Pharm India has been investigated by our FDA and fined $0.5 BILLION and forced to fix their deficiencies.

    IF the Clinton Foundation purchased Ranbaxy drugs do you have evidence (conservablogs don’t count) that the Clinton Foundation KNOWINGLY distributed non-standard drugs? Of course not.

    This is just more anti-Clinton BS from the RW echo chamber. WND, Daily Caller, NewsMax.. you know, the usual suspects.

    BTW, the George Bush initiative in Africa distributed Ranbaxy AIDS drugs.

    “prosecutors allege the company falsified data in applications for generic drugs to be sold in the United States and HIV/AIDS drugs distributed in Africa and paid for by the Bush administration’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.”
    Ranbaxy denies fraud claim, Daiichi Sankyo deal still on track
    15 July 2008

  4. Liam Thomas says:


    Would that be the same type of thing as MSNBC openly calling Trump HITLER LAST NIGHT and then giving a 20 minute speech about it.

    They would show clips of Obama who would say one thing….and then a clip of Trump saying something else…..

    Then of course he was branded each time as a pathological liar and what was scary to Lawrence O’Donnell was that Trump actually believed what he was saying vs hillary whom knew she was lying.

    yeah I get it….anything anyone on the right says is a lie…anything on the left is the rock solid truth.

    I get it.

  5. john says:

    Both Charity Navigator and Charity Watchdog have given the Clinton Foundation their highest ratings “A” and 4 stars. Teach don’t you think that you should mention this after all the slurs that have been posted here?

  6. JGlanton says:

    The ICC can start with China turning coral reefs into imperial military bases and factory fishing facilities for the exploitation of fragile ecosystems

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