Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Comes In Dead Last On Latest U.N. Poll

All these polls showing the low ranking of ‘climate change’ on lists of people’s concerns is getting rather repetitive, wouldn’t you say?

(No Tricks Zone) Over the last few years, the United Nations has been conducting an online poll, asking the world’s citizens —well, those fortunate enough to have access to electrical power, a computer, and the internet — what is most important to them, what concerns them most, or what issue they view as the highest priority for action.

In all, there are 16 priorities to choose from, ranging from phone and internet access to building more roads, protecting rivers and forests, better health care, etc.

Over 9.7 million people across all nations and age groups and educational and income levels have voted so far. And, shockingly, of the 16 listed priorities for action, “Action taken on climate change” ranks a distant 16th, or last.

The world’s citizens are more concerned about access to paved roads and phones than they are about taking action to combat the greatest threat facing mankind.

Well, bummer

It’s actually worse than that looks. “Action on climate change” comes in dead last among male, female, under 15, 16-30, 31-45, and all 5 education segments. For those 46 and over, it comes in next to last.

No Tricks Zone goes on to note

Perhaps there aren’t enough alarming studies linking climate change to personal catastrophes to generate more public concern about climate change as an issue.

And then highlights that there are tons and tons of scaremongering personal stories pushed by Warmists and their compliant media. Really, it all goes to show that there are things that people care quite a bit more than tiny changes in the climate.

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5 Responses to “Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Comes In Dead Last On Latest U.N. Poll”

  1. john says:

    The resuts are not surprising. People are more concerned about their immediate problems that will have the most effects on them TOMORROW
    Are you more concerned about #1 income from jobs? or #2 death buy atomic war?
    well most people would choose #1 but that is not to say that death by atom bomb is unimportant. It just shows what the more immediate concerns are.
    Gallup who most believe is a pretty reputable poller says that only 10% of all Americans don’t believe that climate change is happening http://www.gallup.com/poll/190010/concern-global-warming-eight-year-high.aspx
    Teach dou think that climate change will have more of an impact on the poor or on you? Should you have any concern for others?
    Teach have you ever actually seen a “poor” person?

  2. Jeffery says:


    It was a voluntary online poll. Click and “vote”.

    Gosselin failed to point out that the primary predictor of how individuals “voted” was the Human Development Index (HDI) of the nation from which they voted. For low HDI nations (Nigeria, Chad, Guinea, Pakistan, Haiti etc) global warming finished dead last. (NB – 28.1% of the total worldwide votes came from Nigeria). For medium HDI (China, India, Dominican Republic etc) AGW was 4th from the bottom. For high HDI (Russia, Mexico, Turkey etc), 4th from the bottom. For very high HDI (US, EU nations, S Korea, Japan etc), 7th from bottom.

    So while Nigeria supplied 28.1% of the total votes, ALL the very high HDI nations COMBINED supplied less than 5% of the total votes. 54% of the Nigeria voters did not finish high school (in this they are similar to Trump supporters). The US supplied 0.8%.

    The correct conclusion is that Nigerians and Mexicans appear less concerned about AGW than the rest of the world. Is that really so surprising?

  3. Jeffery says:

    You can vote too.


    Off the list you’ve seen you select the 6 most important to you and your family.

    For older, college educated Americans, AGW was 5th from the top of concerns! Consider that a 65 yr old with a college degree collects Social Security, has some savings, is on Medicare… many of their immediate concerns are assuaged – they can worry about the long term conditions for the planet.

    Even for the Trump demographic (male, some high school), AGW finished 6th from the bottom!

    Let me re-write your lede for you: Global Warming at the Bottom of Concerns for Nigerians!

  4. John Allen says:

    Does number 4 mean no more UN?

  5. john says:

    For people like Teach who are in the top 1% income bracket of all human beings on the planet, climate change is something that they can easily afford to deal with. for the 40% living on $1.25 per day it may be more problematic.

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