Huh: Mark Levin States He Will Vote Trump

This seems to be more of a backhanded endorsement, more of a “dear lord, Hillary is so, so much worse” endorsement from a guy who was very much a full on #NeverTrumper

(Conservative Review) Mark Levin made the big announcement Tuesday night on his radio show after methodically walking listeners through his rationale.

At the beginning of the program, Levin made sure his real feelings were known. It was no secret that Levin’s first choice was not and is not Donald Trump. In fact, he boldly declared Tuesday that despite Trump’s holding some conservative policies, “Donald Trump is not a conservative … and he’s not reliable.”

And right there is a big part of the problem. Trump is not a conservative, he’s mostly held Democratic positions, he still holds some Dem positions, and he has not earned trust. Who is this guy, really? He has so often sounded so over the top that it makes me wonder if he’s utterly full of it, that he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. It’s the old Spinal Tap joke about turning the amp up to 11.

Anyway, Levin would prefer Ted Cruz, or almost anyone else, but

But that’s not what happened and … “at the end of the day, someone is going to be president.”

Levin then listed his critiques of Trump one by one. From his behavioral antics during the GOP primary to his lack of understanding when it comes to the Constitution and limited government, from his massive spending increase for infrastructure to his protectionist trade policies, and more.

It wasn’t all bad for Trump, however, as Levin later spoke positively about his tax plan, his positions on immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy. Levin did offer a common and recurring disclaimer: Trump is NOT reliable.

Then he got to the big part, which you can listen to at the link, and as transcribed by Mediaite

Levin said, “I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump. I’m gonna wind up voting for Donald Trump on elector day. I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say.”

In other words, he’s voting for Trump more as a protest against Hillary, and he will not be actively supporting Trump. Don’t expect Levin to go Trumpwonky like Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, and Laura Ingraham. He went on to note that “Hillary is so awful” and that she is far too dangerous of a liberal to let near the White House.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Team Trump and his followers should woo those who are on the fence in regards to voting Trump as a vote against Hillary, as well as the #NeverTrumpers to do the same. He should be stable, avoid the craziness, and keep his supporters from being nasty and bombastic. He’s been doing a good job for the past few weeks. He should focus on the economy and hitting Hillary. She is a horrible, awful candidate. He should make use forget the Hamilton Rule

If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.

Do we want to elect a guy from our party who we must oppose? He needs to make it so we do not believe we’ll have to do this.

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36 Responses to “Huh: Mark Levin States He Will Vote Trump”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host asked:

    Do we want to elect a guy from our party who we must oppose? He needs to make it so we do not believe we’ll have to do this.

    There’s nothing wrong with opposing some of the policies and actions of someone who claims to be from our own party; there were several things President Bush did with which I disagreed, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t support him, overall, as our best candidate and best choice.

    With Donald Trump, and the fact that Hillary Clinton will carry Pennsylvania, I can vote for Gary Johnson and not have to worry that I am somehow harming the Republic. If Donald Trump stands a real chance of carrying the Keystone State, he won’t need my vote anyway, because he’ll be on his way to a landslide national victory.

    In Carolina, your vote might actually mean something.

    Voting for Donald Trump is like walking through [insert vulgar term for feces here]: some of it sticks to your shoes. Trouble is, voting for Hillary Clinton is like walking through [insert vulgar term for feces here] and blood and slime and dead bodies; she’s worse than he is.

  2. Dana says:

    Mr Levin has homes in both Virginia and Florida; I don’t know in which state he is registered to vote. (If he were a Democrat, he’d be registered to vote in both.) Both states are projected to be very close, and his vote actually might matter.

  3. Teapartyguardian says:

    At least Trump will be held accountable by BOTH Parties!

  4. john says:

    Dana I don’t think it is illegal to be registered to vote in more than one state. when i switched states no one asked me to unregister from my previous state.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    Well we dont have to worry about a trump presidency.

    The election is about electoral votes….

    You know the Democrats back in 2000 screamed to high heaven about Gore winning the popular vote but losing the general election due to the electoral process.

    I forsee Trump winning the popular vote as his national numbers continue to eclipse Hillary’s but losing the electoral battle.

    I wonder if the Dems will still want to get rid of the electoral college after this election.

    Additionally Vlady Putin blamed Hillary Clinton personally for riots that forced him to crack down hard in his own country during an election there…..He claimed Hillary and the USA were personally responsible for trying to destroy him politically.

    wonder who hacked the DNC and DCCC and Hillarys email server.

    Yeah Expect more huge ugly emails that are classified to be leaked in the coming weeks.

    It never pays to piss people off DONALD………remember that.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The first are rich and well born; the other, the mass of the people. The voice of the people has been said to be the voice of God; and however generally this maxim has been quoted and believed, it is not true in fact. The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right. Give therefore to the first class a distinct, permanent share in the government. They will check the unsteadiness of the second; and as they cannot receive any advantage by change, they will therefore maintain good government.
    Can a democratic assembly who annually [through annual elections] revolve in the mass of the people, be supposed steadily to pursue the public good? Nothing but a permanent body can check the imprudence of democracy. Their turbulent and changing disposition requires checks. (1787)

    -Alexander Hamilton

    Hamilton Rule pffft!

  7. Dana I don’t think it is illegal to be registered to vote in more than one state. when i switched states no one asked me to unregister from my previous state.

    Dana never said it was illegal to be registered in more than one state. It is illegal to vote in more than one state.

    Perhaps there should be a way for a person to be deregistered in the other state when the register in a new state.

  8. Jeffery says:

    The conservative Dallas Morning News calls Trump supporters “hyenas”:

    “But unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a willingness to delve into real policy.”

    Though they recommended her for president, the Morning News urged Clinton to take “additional steps to divorce allegations of influence peddling from the Clinton Foundation,” which has faced increased scrutiny amid allegations of ethical impropriety during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, and called on the candidate to hold more press conferences.

    “Those are real shortcomings. But they pale in comparison to the litany of evils some opponents accuse her of,” the editorial said. “Treason? Murder? Her being cleared of crimes by investigation after investigation has no effect on these political hyenas; they refuse to see anything but conspiracies and cover-ups.”

    Supporting Trump is a nervous disorder.

  9. Jeffery says:

    Trump has fathered children by 3 different women, including one child out of wedlock. Trashy Trump.

  10. Hoagie says:

    Trump has fathered children by 3 different women, including one child out of wedlock. Trashy Trump.

    This is not an excuse, just a reason. Trump did that when he was a democrat where being a “baby daddy” or a womanizer and rapist like Hillary’s husband is a sign of virility. Now he’s joined a party that dose not endorse those actions. No party is perfect though so I expect little to nothing from either party. There are plenty of perverts to go around.

  11. Dana says:

    Mr Teach wrote:

    Perhaps there should be a way for a person to be deregistered in the other state when the register in a new state.

    I was told, when I registered in Virginia (1985), that that would cancel my voter registration in Kentucky, but have no idea if that actually happened. Since then, I’ve been registered at three different addresses in Virginia, one in Delaware and one in Pennsylvania. New registrations ought to send information back to old districts canceling the old registrations, but I’m sure that doesn’t happen if you register as a Democrat.

  12. Dana says:

    And before on of the J Boys jumps on it, no, I’ve never double-voted before.

  13. Jeffery says:

    Good news for The Rapist Donald…

    Pretrial Conference for Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit Delayed
    Proceedings in a civil suit against Donald Trump alleging he raped a 13-year-old girl have been adjourned for a month.

  14. Hoagie says:

    Jeffery, I thought you guys don’t count crimes CWD (committed while democrat). Or is that only for Clinton’s? Either way, it was the democrat Trump who strayed now that he’s Republican we can help straighten him out. I see now that he’s a Republican he’s the worst guy evahhhh to his old dem friends. Used to be when you bought a democrat they stayed bought.

  15. Liam Thomas says:


    I found your allegations a bit odd and so I delved into it a bit.

    Proceedings in a civil suit against Donald Trump alleging he raped a 13-year-old girl have been adjourned for a month.

    Then it was pushed back by one month….

    Why is that……….

    they are called October surprises…….

    A civil lawsuit can be brought by anyone….This was already dismissed as false as a criminal complaint…..

    So this poor lady Im sure was approached by the Clintons and paid exorbitant amounts of money to pursue this in COURT……

    Gee imagine that……….TWENTY YEARS LATER.

    LOLOLOLOL……there is NOTHING….ZIP…ZILCH….NADA that the clintons will not go to in order to consumate power.

    Enjoy being their enablers Jeffery?

  16. drowningpuppies says:

    That little guy is flailing, again!

    If Trump is ever asked to respond to any frivolous lawsuit, Trump should give a response that the MSM and that little guy who exaggerates often should accept and respect.

    “I don’t recall, besides at this point, what difference does it make?”

  17. Jeffery says:

    Enjoy being their enablers Jeffery?

    Why yes I do!

    Especially if it reduces Crooked Donald’s chances. Trump rapes a minor and you blame… Hillary!! Of course.

    In a statement attached to her filing, the plaintiff (aka “Jane Doe”) asserted:

    I traveled by bus to New York City in June 1994 in the hope of starting a modeling career. I went to several modeling agencies but was told that I needed to put together a modeling portfolio before I would be considered. I then went to the Port Authority in New York City to start to make my way back home. There I met a woman who introduced herself to me as Tiffany. She told me about the parties and said that, if I would join her at the parties, I would be introduced to people who could get me into the modeling profession. Tiffany also told me I would be paid for attending.

    The parties were held at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Jeffrey Epstein. Each of the parties had other minor females and a number of guests of Mr. Epstein, including Defendant Donald Trump at four of the parties I attended. I understood that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein knew I was 13 years old.

    Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me. During the course of this savage sexual attack, I loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but he did not. Defendant Trump responded to my pleas by violently striking me in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted,

    Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.

    The filing also included a statement from “Tiffany Doe” (i.e., the woman referenced in plaintiff’s statement above who brought her to the parties) attesting that:

    I personally witnessed four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff was forced to have with Mr. Trump during this period, including the fourth of these encounters where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop.

    I personally witnessed the one occasion where Mr. Trump forced the Plaintiff and a 12-year-old female named Maria [to] perform oral sex on Mr. Trump and witnessed his physical abuse of both minors when they finished the act.

    It was my job to personally witness and supervise encounters between the underage girls that Mr. Epstein hired and his guests.

    Trashy. He makes Bill Clinton look like the Dalai Lama by comparison.

    Why is the media ignoring this?

  18. drowningpuppies says:

    Why is the media ignoring this?

    Probably because it isn’t true.

  19. Hoagie says:

    Trashy. He makes Bill Clinton look like the Dalai Lama by comparison.

    That’s where you’re so very, very wrong Jeffery. You are comparing acts of abuse of females by men who should know better but since one is a democrat you call him “like the Dalai Lama”. You are one sick puppy. If, in fact, both instances of the actions of Clinton and Trump are true they are both animals and your failure to see that and call it what it is because of your politics shows just how bankrupt and corrupted your politics have become. Usually your politics are just wrong. This time they are a pathetic excuse for your lost morality.

    Now you have become a true leftist. It matters not who gets hurt as long as you win.

  20. Jeffery says:

    Hoagie has little reading comprehension.

    Compared to Trump, Clinton looks like the Dalai Lama. Adapting your conceit that the actions are all true, you’re supporting a “man” that raped a child. Raping a child is pretty close to the worst of the worst. No one has claimed that Bill Clinton raped a child.

    You may not understand this, but Bill Clinton is not running for President. Secretary Clinton is no more responsible for Bill’s behavior than Trump is responsible for his latest wife’s immigration, prostitution and plagiarism problems.

  21. David7134 says:

    I looked up Jeff’s big news. This was thrown out of CA court then refilled in NY. The claim is over ten years ago and the woman is psychotic.

    Now what is real is that Hillary is a lied, corrupt, crooked and incompetent.

  22. Hoagie says:

    Jeffery, you must have reading comprehension problems since it was YOU who stated: “He makes Bill Clinton look like the Dalai Lama by comparison.”

    You were the one making the comparison. Neither you nor I mentioned anything about running for President. And I certainly didn’t say anything about Hillary! being responsible for Bill even though she lied for him, managed the “bimbo eruptions” for him and covered his butt more than once.

    I am amazed that instead of being a man and saying you were wrong you continue to make it a battle of degree for who is the most evil. And one guy has been found guilty of nothing yet. You have no decency. No, I’m not amazed. That’s how leftists roll.

  23. Liam Thomas says:

    Why yes I do!

    Especially if it reduces Crooked Donald’s chances. Trump rapes a minor and you blame… Hillary!! Of course.

    Wait! I thought you had to be a criminal to be eligible for the White House these days.

    Your saying your upset with The Donald but not the Hillary?

    Thats called enabling…..additionally there is no proof……Here you have Hillary saying just yesterday “THERE WERE NO CLASSIFIED EMAILS” When the FBI director said in his presser that there WAS CLASSIFIED EMAILS…..

    I mean shit….she just flat out lies and the commie press just gives her a pass. With this filing we know what the Clintons are trying to do….espeically since they pushed it back to October…..

    They are going to fill the airwaves with this in october with the Donald having little time to shoot it down…….

    But I surmise it wont matter…….IF HILLARY CAN DO WHAT SHE DOES AND NO ONE CARES….then hell the Donald can rape children and no one cares….Hell half the countries perverts anyways anymore. The other half want to shoot cops…..I hardly suspect any of this matters to a decadent nation the USA has become.

  24. Liam Thomas says:

    It was my job to personally witness and supervise encounters between the underage girls that Mr. Epstein hired and his guests.

    This is too funny. This person is the one who should be arrested….FOUR DIFFERENT PARTIES…..lololol….and it was her job to bring these under age girls to the party.

    wow….this women gets my darwin award vote…..Wonder how many millions the clinton foundation or DNC is paying these two to expose themselves to criminal liability by admitting they were a party to sexual predator laws.

  25. Dana says:

    So, an accusation of rape was made against Donald Trump, that the civil complainant stated was witnessed by others. Thus, it’s no longer a he said/she said case, but an alleged crime with outside witnesses . . . yet no criminal charges were ever brought.

    Why, it’s almost as though law enforcement did not find any credible evidence.

  26. Hank_M says:

    Why is the media ignoring this?

    Because if they do delve into it deeper, then Bill Clinton’s name comes up. And there’s a good chance other names will as well. Alan Derschowitz and Prince Andrew were already linked to him. True or not, this creep isn’t someone to be “connected to”. Epstein could probably ruin a lot of lives if he started talking.

  27. Jeffery says:

    Rape, bribery of gov’t officials, ignorance of the basics of US governance, ignorance of simple economics, deals with the mob, deals with the Russian oligarchs, beholden (in debt) to China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Wall Street, ignorance of the US military, BUT hatred of Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and immigrants and a generally belligerent attitude.

    Trump plans to increase the US debt by greatly increasing defense spending and cutting taxes.

  28. Hoagie says:

    Building a net worth in the hundreds of millions by selling favors to business and foreign governments including our enemies, ignorance of the basics in security markings on documents, failure to secure American secret information from enemies, total ignorance of what makes a market work because she never really held a job that wasn’t a government job, deals with the mob, deals with Russian oligarchs and sells our uranium to Russia for her own profit, beholden (for favors)to China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Wall Street and the Big Banks, responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi then lied, lied, lied about it, BUT kept blacks by the millions stuck in ghettos denying school vouchers and a decent education, and a generally condescending an effete attitude.

    Hillary plans to disarm the American people and flood the country with moslem terrorists all while raising taxes on the middle class.

  29. Dana says:

    Jeffrey accuses Donald Trump of “ignorance of simple economics.” Heather Long of CNNMoney wrote an article, Most Americans think unemployment is a lot higher than 5%, telling us that:

    It’s another example of how experts on Wall Street and in Washington see the economy differently than the regular Joe. Many of the nation’s top economic experts say that America is “near full employment.” The unemployment rate has actually been at or below 5% for almost a year — millions of people have found jobs in what is the best period of hiring since the late 1990s.

    But regular people appear to have their doubts about how healthy America’s employment picture is. Nearly a third of those survey by Rutgers believe unemployment is actually at 9%, or higher.

    Well, the “official” unemployment rate is 4.9%, but the U-6 rate for August stood at 9.7%, almost twice the “official” rate. It seems that those “regular Joes” have a better understanding of the economy than do all of our learned economists.

    Maybe Mr Trump can’t create some high-falutin’ economic charts, or keep up with the likes of Paul Krugman in explaining complex economic concepts, but, then again, it was those PhD economists like Larry Summers who crafted the 2009 stimulus plan — you know, the one that was going to keep unemployment from exceeding 8% — and it was those professional economists who got everything wrong, whose numbers didn’t pan out, who completely failed to predict accurately just what the stimulus plan would actually do, or how 200 million economic actors taking a billion economic decisions every day would behave.

  30. Dana says:

    Two tweets from Heather Long of CNNMoney shows just how great the highly educated economists are. This one noted that CNNMoney projected that the August jobs added number would be 175,000, Estimize projected 215,000 and FactSet projected 180,000. Estimize sells itself as “access to earnings estimates from 16,000+ of your buy-side & independent analyst peers. Academically proven more accurate & representative than First Call.”

    The second tweet noted that the official number5 came in at 151,000. CNNMoney missed it by 15.9%, and Estimize by 42.4%. These weren’t economic forecasts of what will happen, but economists’ estimates of what has already happened, and they are still getting it wrong.

  31. Hoagie says:

    97.David Stockman:

    And that takes us to the very bottom of the central bankers’ loony bin, which at the moment is occupied by Fed Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer, who last week opined that the U.S. job market is “very close to full employment.”

    Let’s see. Another Jobs Friday, and what did we get? More marginal part time, low pay “jobs”,102 million adults still without employment, virtually not growth in hours worked since January and an unbroken record where it counts.

    To wit, there are still 1.4 million fewer $50k “breadwinner jobs” in the US than when Bill Clinton was packing his bags to shuffle out of the White House in January 2001.

    The professional “experts” and go-to guys in just about every field are idiots but that’s especially true in economics. And I have a degree in economics and have been “talked at” by some of the best. I swear sometimes the average pizza shop owner knows more about the real economic situation than all these experts put together. There’s a reason one is given a BS , because that’s what it is, pure BS.

  32. Liam Thomas says:

    Trump plans to increase the US debt by greatly increasing defense spending and cutting taxes.

    Now, now Jeffery. We all know that Hillary and Obama have destroyed the military to the point we are once again training with pilots seated in old volkswagens with hand painted cardboard overlays on the dash representing the cockpit….rumor has it they are communicating with Cans tied with string.

    Mechanics are hanging out with the Libertarian candidate asking themselves What is Aleppo?

    The marines are so desperate that they would love to have a FEW GOOD MEN….right now they dont have any…..29 palms is a ghost town.

    Mechanics are in desperate supply….Pilots have forgotten how to fly…….The army is riding into battle in 40 year old tanks….the equivalent of fighting WW2 with Civil war equiptment. The F22 and F35 are so broken they wont fly…..the B1B bomber has always had an issue with its jamming device jamming its own radar…..

    I could go on and on……Do you think perhaps, just mabey our military DOES NEED A LITTLE TLC I mean I know that progressives hate the military but comeon…..

    Hillarys not a progressive….she only moos that direction because it will get her elected. After elected she will do whatever it is she wants and the left will be forced to remember their stance…..HILLARY IS BETTER THEN ANYTHING ON THE RIGHT…….

    So 8 more years of inept leaders incapable of making a decision that is not oozing in politics out of fear that they will piss off their own party.

    A president to half the people…..NOT ALL THE PEOPLE…..gotta love American politics….the losers side gets to go fuck themselves.

  33. david7134 says:

    Why do you make comments were all you do is share the bizarre thoughts out of your little mind with no basis for your claims? We know that Hillary is a pathologic liar, we have watched her for 30 years and she will lie over anything. We know she is corrupt and crooked, her “foundation” is proof enough as well as the pay for play scheme that she and hubs set up. And don’t bring up the issue with Trump as any thinking person would be embarrassed to endorse that crap. Then we have Hillary at State and her record clearly shows she is totally incompetent.