We Totally Need To “Enlist” The Market In The Climate Change Fight Or Something

You rarely see the Wall Street Journal engaging in Warmism, but, they do often allow opposing voices, in this case Brian Deese and Jeff Zients, both of who work for the Obama admin, who confuse the word “enlist” with “forced by government”

Enlist the Market in the Climate-Change Fight
Standardized disclosure of climate risk will help secure long-term value for investors and taxpayers.

This year’s World Economic Forum Global Risks Report declared the “failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation” the “risk with the greatest potential impact in 2016.” Yet financial markets suffer from an alarming lack of standardized and comparable climate-risk information, which keeps investors and policy makers from accurately incorporating these risks into their decisions. Combating climate change requires not only leveraging bold action by governments to cut carbon pollution, but also harnessing the power of market forces with clear, uniformly disclosed assessments of climate-related economic risks.

Enlisting is voluntary. This is more along the lines of being drafted

Likewise, the administration recently proposed requiring that all companies doing business with the federal government publicly disclose what they know about their climate-risk exposure. This information will be a factor in taxpayer-funded contracting decisions. The administration is also working to increase disclosure of climate risks that America’s more than 140 million pension beneficiaries face in their investments. And we now require that our agencies consider and publicly disclose climate risk when undertaking other major federal actions, like leases of public resources, issuance of permits, and investment in infrastructure.

Funny how members of the Cult of Climatrology always want Other People to be forced into Compliance and bear the burden for the beliefs of Warmists via Government.

This Big Government movement goes on for a while, finally ending with

The stakes for our economy are too high to stand still or move backward. This is the moment to accelerate efforts to understand, measure and standardize disclosure of climate risk and put that understanding to use. Doing so will help to secure long-term value for investors and taxpayers; improve market efficiency and stability; strengthen the resilience of our communities; and help the world combat climate change.

Other than confusing enlist with conscript, there’s another word missing, which you can easily see when reading the headline: “free”. As in “free market”. Because anthropogenic climate change has little to do with science and almost everything to do with increased government dominance. In this case, ncreased regulation, increased economic control of the markets, dictating how they act.

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