Hannity Pre-Blames Everyone Else For If (When?) Trump Loses

This presidential election should have been a slam dunk for the GOP. Democrats were intent on making damned sure that Hillary Clinton would be their nominee, and virtually any Republican could have beaten her handily. She’s a candidate with incredible negatives, and really doesn’t inspire much excitement. So, what do enough GOP voters do? They get Trump installed as the nominee because he was brash and loud, he was an outsider who told them what they wanted to hear. But, he seems to know less than the average political junkie on policy, and likes to make lots of unforced gaffes, and his negatives are as bad as Hillary’s. So, what’s a guy like Sean Hannity, who has fully embraced Trump, to do? I actually listened to this live

(Sean Hannity) GOP insiders are in full-on panic mode over Donald Trump after a rough week led to a dip in the polls for the Republican nominee. While we’re still several months from the November election, criticism from high ranking Republican is arguably making it more difficult for Trump to regain lost ground.

On Wednesday’s Sean Hannity Show, Sean explained that should Trump lose in November, high ranking Republicans will shoulder some of the blame for the defeat, as they’ve spent more time criticizing Trump than they have combating the policies of President Barack Obama or criticizing Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton.

“If in 96 days Trump loses this election, I am pointing the finger directly at people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and John Kasich and Ted Cruz if he won’t endorse – and Jeb Bush and everybody else that made promises they’re not keeping,” Sean said in the first hour of Wednesday’s show. “And because I have watched and witnessed to the point of incredible frustration – I have watched these Republicans be more harsh towards Donald Trump than they’ve ever been in standing up to Barack Obama and his radical agenda that had doubled the debt, that has resulted in a 51-year low in home ownership in this country, the percentage of homes that are owned by Americans, the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s and that has led to millions and millions of Americans in poverty and on food stamps and out of the labor force.”

Well, it could be that Trump doesn’t actually represent the Republican Party for real. Those folks mentioned represent a pretty wide smattering, from squishes to true American conservatives, and they do not care for Trump, who suddenly switched all his positions to GOP when he decided to run for president in 2011. This guy was pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-big government, pro-eminent domain for other private entity use, pro-taxation, and so much more.

And, I’ve tweeted to Sean many times, if someone slurred your wife and father, would you endorse them?

“They did nothing, nothing – all these phony votes to repeal and replace ObamaCare, show votes so they can go back and keep their power and get reelected,” he added. “Sorry, you created Donald Trump, all of you because of your ineffectiveness, because of your weakness, your spinelessness, your lack of vision, your inability to fight Obama. Your fear of being blamed for a government shutdown and I’m getting a little sick and tired of all of you. Honestly I am tempted to just say I don’t support any of you people ever. You know what, Paul Ryan wants to play this game – I haven’t made up my mind either. He’s running against a guy in the primary. I haven’t made up mind who I’m going to support.”

Sean says his support is just based on his promise that he would back whoever won. Seems a bit over the top to me. I’ve also tweeted in the past whether he would be so on-board and adamant if the nominee was named Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, or Michael Bloomberg. Remember, Bloomberg had been a Republican. Does he really represent the GOP, other than his economic beliefs? No.

Funny thing, though, Hannity used to be a big fan of the votes to repeal Ocare, and explained that it was impossible without controlling the White House.

Right Scoop writes

The fact that Hannity is willing to blame Ted Cruz, among others, because he still thinks Cruz should have endorsed Trump, after all the lies and smears Trump threw at Cruz and his family in order to defeat him in the primary — well that tells us all we need to know about Hannity. He’s a lost cause and he’s delusional.

Trump is the reason he’s in this mess and if Trump loses in November, it’s all on Trump.

It’ll be on his supporters, as well. They picked Trump. At the end of the day, would a president Trump be better than Hillary? Maybe, maybe not. We really do not know. Let’s go back to something Neal Boortz said

The next president is going to be a disaster, an abject disaster, whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

If it is Hillary Clinton, it will be their disaster, and you can sit there and point out what a disaster their president is and how we need to do something to recover from the disaster that is their president. If the disaster is Donald Trump, then you immediately have to start talking (if you do) about what a disaster our president, this guy we put into the White House is.

How are you then going to talk about the need for reform? How are you then going to talk about the need to return to more limited government, less government interference? How are you then going to talk about the need for big-time electoral change in the next election coming up in two years? How are you going to do that when you are the person who put the disaster in office in the first place?

It’s called the Hamilton Rule: “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”

The only downside is how much damage Hillary can do in four years, especially with potential Supreme Court appointments, as well as lower courts. But, then, what damage could Trump do?

But, this is what’s going to happen when Trump loses. The blame will be cast to everyone else and to outside forces and what have you. But, not the candidate or the people who chose him.

Likely not.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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12 Responses to “Hannity Pre-Blames Everyone Else For If (When?) Trump Loses”

  1. Jeffery says:

    At the end of the day, would a president Trump be better than Hillary? Maybe, maybe not. We really do not know.

    LOL. Oh, you’re serious.

    Trump makes Palin look like Abraham Lincoln. And the American people decided Palin was unfit to be a heartbeat away from our Presidency.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Trump admits he made a mistake!

    He admitted (twittered) he was wrong about the video of money being exchanged in Iran. Downright progressive of him.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    Trump is a moron and I for one do not want to see him in the White House. I am a conservative Republican who is aghast that this man might be the next president.

    Donald is all about Donald and fuk the rest of the world.

    at least Hillary is all about Hillary and has some semblance of concern for the rest of the world..

    Im voting for the green party candidate this year….for the first time since I voted for Nixon twice will I not be voting for the GOP candidate.

    Trump is not fit to be president….its as simple as that…..sorry guys…My Opinion.

    • John says:

      Liam unless you are in a tightly contested battleground state everyone really should consider voting for someone other than Clinton and tRump

  4. formwiz says:

    Actually, Reagan would. He fought the same kind of Establishment cowards in his time, too.

    (what? you think all the Rockefeller Lefties types joined ranks behind him just like that?)

    And, if he loses, it will be because of all the NeverTrumpers who showed their true colors going over to the enemy.

    But I don’t think he will. I think he has more support than the One True Ted or any of the other phony “Conservatives” could ever have mustered.

    I’ll also tell you this, and the Demos are already wetting themselves at the thought; if the vote fraud machine is cranked up like last time, Trump will not be a “gentleman” and just sit there and take it, like the One True Ted, or Little Marco or Jeb! or Christie Creme would.

    He will raise Hell and expose the whole rotten mess. How many of your NeverTrumper heroes would join him?


    • John says:

      Ahhhh the phantom vote fraud machine !!
      It has returned
      But if course with no visible proof

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    How many of your NeverTrumper heroes would join him?

    Not me. I will suffer 4 or 8 years of Hillary before I would ever let this idiot into the White House even as a visitor.

    Besides he has already claimed he has given money to Hillary and will demand a payoff at the right time…….

    so Hillary becoming president is a win/win for the Donald.

    I guess Im a NeverTrump and proud of it.

  6. david7134 says:

    I have followed your comments and you strike me as a very intelligent individual, not like our resident troll. Therefore, your comments on Trump are disturbing. Certainly, I agree with your analysis that Trump has a tendency to be crude when compared to great orators, people like Wilson, Lincoln, Obama, FDR and others who spoke well and destroyed the very fabric of our government. Americans are suckers for a good speech and will not look at the acts and deeds of those that seem to speak well but are horrible for a number of reasons. Look at the landscape after a Hillary presidency. The country will likely be well on the way to civil war, currently it is on the brink. Hillary will have control of the Supreme Court and the results will complete the Obama transformation of the country to a communistic nirvana. The economy will be in ruins and our wealth will be gone. This is not mere paranoia, many people agree with these sentiments. Our country is in trouble and though Trump is not pretty, he at least has qualifications and intelligence that would help, certainly much better than Hillary. Hillary is utterly corrupt and will continue to be so, I got that from high ups in the Sanders organization. Much of what disturbs you about Trump comes from the media who are doing a wonderful job of propaganda, even the so called conservative channel, Fox. I am not sure why Trump is doing so of the things that he has been accused of (he said nothing offensive about the Kahns). But I want to believe it is by design to ramp up conflict and battle the media who he must defeat as well as Hillary. To summate, we are in trouble and a vote for Hillary likely means to end of our way of life.

    • John says:

      Let me remind you sepaku is an honorable exit
      you think that there will be a civil war ? And who will be leading you? Clive Bundy and his kids?

    • John says:

      David is going total prepper on us

  7. Stosh says:

    Sean who?!?!?

    #Giant Meteor of Death 2016

  8. Liam Thomas says:


    Troubling as it may seem I think Hillary will be much wiser and much more sound in her foreign policy.

    I am in no way endorsing Hillary but it will certainly boil down to two candidates with the ONLY SHOT AT BEING PRESIDENT.

    A president is in charge of foreign policy and can rule by ex order. We have seen how thats been working out for Obama….they keep being struck down.

    So in essence we have to realize that the president is our commander in chief and foreign policy guru and our figure head.

    The real civil war will come IF::IF the DONALD is elected….he has already torn assunder the curtain in the temple…..the left is waiting to riot in the streets the day he wins the election…..

    The right…..all our fear mongering HATERS….we will patiently wait…..hopefully armed with the HOUSE and the SENATE still on our side and watch Wicked HIllary finish the job of taking down the DNC and in the meantime…..

    I would hope the GOP begins to finish its evolvment from Dem lite to Libertarian right and the people continue to throw out those who claim they will do something only to not even try.

    While I despise Ted Cruz because he is so radical right….he at least has TRIED TO DO WHAT HE CLAIMED HE WOULD DO WHEN HE RAN FOR THE SENATE.

    Thats all the right is asking…..we asked for this….thats the only reason trump is the GOP nominee right now…….huge backlash against the establishment GOP.

    But thats not enough….you dont become president because your own parties pissed at your own party…..

    You become president because you offer the country something it needs and wants…..

    and you make them believe you can proffer that.

    Donald is fooling no one but himself….he proffers nothing…..he offers nothing……he is nothing but a bombastic, say anything Liar who is all about Donald. Anyone who is anyone who has followed this guy understands the only difference between Hillary and the Donald is that Hillary has the brains to keep her mouth shut when needed………Trump doesnt….and dealing with FOREIGN NATIONS….thats more then sorta important.

    So no matter what I can in no good concience vote for someone who is totally unqualified to be president….and I will hope and pray that the GOP keeps the house and senate and keeps Hillary in check…….

    AND AVOIDS THAT CIVIL WAR YOUR TALKING ABOUT. I respect your opinion….its not personal against you or any other Conservative…..its just I cannot believe this man is in any way ABLE to be president without creating the very thing you are afraid of.

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