Fossil Fuels Using Dems Target Skeptic Groups And Senators

You can bet the ranch on the fact that every Democrat in the Senate uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to get from their state to Washington, D.C. And you can bet that most of them travel in fossil fueled vehicles daily to get to work both in D.C. and when they’re back in their home states. Plus all the fossil fuels usage for personal travel. They all certainly have big carbon footprints. Yet

(Daily Caller)  Democratic senators were told to target and scorn conservative nonprofit groups Monday and Tuesday for opposing Democratic policies addressing man-made global warming, internal emails indicate.

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, has directed 19 of his fellow Democratic senators to attack conservative and libertarian organizations such as Americans for Prosperity and the Cato Institute on the chamber floors for engaging in what the senators call a “web of denial.”

Whitehouse and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – according to an internal email circulated by Emily Enderle, a top environmental policy adviser to Whitehouse, who is leading the hit parade – have created a senate schedule for Monday and Tuesday, requesting the senators lambaste the groups assigned to them.

Here’s part of that document

It’s rather disturbing that elected federal officials will use their lofty perches to assault private organizations they disagree with on matters of policy (because it’s not a science).

“It’s unbelievable the level of coordination the Senate Democrats have taken to political intimidate free market organizations,” Molly Drenkard, a spokeswoman with the American Legislative Economic Exchange (ALEC), told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ALEC is one of the conservative groups targeted by the senators.

She added: “Any person or organization—left, right, or nonpartisan—should be concerned when elected officials try to actively stifle free speech. This is clearly the next step in the attorneys general subpoena intimidation campaign.”

Any Warmists/Democrats who are OK with this anti-First Amendment abuse should consider how they would feel if Republicans were going after Democrat leaning private groups.

And every one of these groups and Senators should reply back in asking if the Democrats have given up their own use of fossil fuels and made their lives carbon neutral.

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10 Responses to “Fossil Fuels Using Dems Target Skeptic Groups And Senators”

  1. Hoagie says:

    If they bring a knife, we bring a gun. I’d have my guys publish photos of the democrats palatial homes and lists of their expense accounts.

  2. john says:

    Hoagie you don’t have “my guys” all you have is, well, yourself. That’s about it.
    To the best of my knowledge all those elected officials are calling for is to further reduce our total carbon footprint (which of course we are already doing mostly by getting rid of Teach’s fav dirty coal which he often said Obama was trying to “kill”)
    Some like Gore may have gone carbon neutral by buying up forests but that is not realistic for most. So just keep on trying to reduce that carbon pollution and remember that the 1st Amendment does NOT protect fraud. That is a crime. Just like it was for Big Tobacco to lie and tell us the science saying smoking caused cancer was not proven science. One didn’t cause the other.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    To the best of my knowledge…

    Thanks retard, that says it all.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Speaking of retards…

    Chaffetz asked Slowretta Lynch if it is illegal to pass classified information to people without a security clearance and Lynch basically said it depends.

    She also has no idea if storing classified information on a private, unapproved server is illegal.

    This is the top law enforcement officer in the country.

  5. john says:

    Cocker Man
    Moussa Koussa is a paid asset of the CIA He is the former spy chief of Libya That information is considered TOP SECRET
    well now it is on your computer Is that a crime ?
    Now about this post
    Teach MOST Americans believe in AGW

    Changes in Attitudes About Global Warming, 2015-2016, by Political Party Identification
    (pct. pts.)
    Worried a great deal/fair amount about global warming
    Republicans 31 40 +9
    Independents 55 64 +9
    Democrats 78 84 +6
    Effects of global warming already begun
    Republicans 36 40 +4
    Independents 55 55 0
    Democrats 72 77 +5
    Will pose serious threat to you in your lifetime
    Republicans 18 20 +2
    Independents 37 43 +6
    Democrats 53 58 +5
    Increased temperatures due to human activities
    Republicans 34 38 +4
    Independents 56 68 +12
    Democrats 74 85 +11

    40% of REPUBLICANS are worried about Global Warming
    Who isn’t? those GOP who voted Trump

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Uh, to the best of your knowledge?
    Thanks retard.

  7. Hoagie says:

    So now you’re basing science on majority rules? It doesn’t matter if 99% believe in AGW if it isn’t true, now does it? And frankly those polls mean nothing without seeing how the question was phrased. If they asked me: “Do you believe the earth is warming?”, I would answer “Yes”. If they asked: “do you believe the earth is warming because Americans drive cars, heat their homes and use air conditioning?”, I would answer “No”. So show us the questionnaire.

    Besides, after 40 years of brainwashing very kid in school those approval statistics are dismal. It means only those like you of weak mind are being fully corrupted with $hit science but the rest are thinking for themselves. You do realize you act like Goebbels, telling the Big Lie over and over till it seems like truth.

  8. Hoagie says:

    Some like Gore may have gone carbon neutral by buying up forests but that is not realistic for most.

    There’s no such thing as “carbon neutral ” ya dumb phuk. The forest is already there, the liar Gore owning it makes ZERO difference on HIS carbon footprint. Dumbass. You really do believe everything these phonies say without thinking.

  9. Jl says:

    John-“most Americans believe….” In science, it doesn’t matter what people “believe”. Most Americans, including doctors, believed ulcers were caused by spicy foods. But that science wasn’t settled, just like “GW” isn’t.

  10. david7134 says:

    I would support a law that required all politicians to be carbon neutral, then we can see how well it works. Oh, and not able to buy carbon units.

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