North Carolina State Democrats Look To Use Secret Lists To Restrict Gun Rights

Their push will go absolutely nowhere, since Republicans control both the General Assembly and the governor’s mansion, but, like Democrats nationally, state Dems are super thrilled to restrict the gun rights of law abiding citizens, and those pesky due process notions? Meh. They might get around to them

(Daily Tarheel) In light of the Orlando shooting, Democrats in the Republican-controlled North Carolina state Senate are pushing Republican leaders to begin work on legislation that would ban individuals on the federal government’s Terrorist Watchlist from purchasing firearms in North Carolina.

Senator Jay Chaudhuri, along with seven other Democratic senators, signed a letter with this request and delivered it to Republican Senate leader Phil Berger. “My hope is that they will bring it up for a vote in North Carolina as a means of protecting folks who want to go to school, go to work, go out and have a good time with family and friends and not have the specter of someone who shouldn’t have a gun being able to go out and commit heinous acts,” said Matt Hughes, former chair of the Orange County Democrats.

The proposed legislation would be similar to bills that Democrats in the U.S. House have attempted to bring to the floor, denying anyone on the federal Terrorist Watchlist the right to purchase a firearm. Many, like North Carolina Rep. Verla Insko, D-56, support this view.

“I think that there are some due process issues, but I believe that they can be addressed, and I think that it is a reasonable step,” Insko said. “I think that if you can’t be trusted to have a plane ticket, you shouldn’t be trusted to have a gun, but I do understand the due process issues.”

Those due process issues would allow for some sort of appeals

“It would be handled on appeals where there would be a review, which is cumbersome but adequate given the increasing gun violence and gun terrorism in the United States,” Insko said.

The modern Democratic Party, folks: your Constitutional due process appeals should be cumbersome.

But abortion should be easy peasy, and doctors who yank babies out of the bodies of women shouldn’t have to deal with following the same medical standards as veterinarians.

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8 Responses to “North Carolina State Democrats Look To Use Secret Lists To Restrict Gun Rights”

  1. John says:

    Vetenarians must have hospital PRIVILEDGES at local hospitals?
    Wow, who knew that one
    NC presently is defending its hopelessly gerrymandered voting districts
    At some point either now or later after Clinton gets elected and puts her stamp on the SCOTUS NC will be forced to redraw those districts
    The NC GOP ghettoized it’s districts that is illegal and immoral

  2. No one who whole-heartedly supports abortion on demand should ever discuss morality.

    • John says:

      Teach in your Christian Bible it says that if you believe one of your sex slaves has gotten knocked up by someone else she can be subjected to the trial of “bitter waters”
      To cause an abortion
      The Jews who wrote the bible never considered s fetus to be a human with a soul
      They believe that God and the soul enter with the first breath taken outside of the woman “the quickening”

      Now about your adopted state of NC
      Why is it that their unemployment rate is so far under the national average?
      The last time I looked it was in the bottom third
      Is that because of all those smart people moving to the triangle?
      Why is NC always complaining about the Feds when DC gives more to that state than it gets from you?
      That seems impolite to me
      And HB2 made NC the butt of a lot of jokes

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Vetenarians must have hospital PRIVILEDGES at local hospitals?
    Wow, who knew that one

    Ah, yes, the tortured logic of a retard

    A better hypothetical would be–

    If a barber shop or restaurant can be heavily fined or shut down for not meeting health and safety standards, then why not an abortion clinic?

  4. Dana says:

    What do the Democrats have against due process?

    It ought to be simple: anyone placed on the “no fly list” should be notified, and have a legal right to challenge that status.

    Actually, it should be different even from that: if the government wants to place someone on the no fly list, the burden of proof should be on the government to show cause and get a federal judge to take the decision, with the subject individual properly notified, with a reasonable amount of time to hire an attorney to protect his civil rights. I’d give the government an emergency power to place an individual on the no fly list temporarily, for say seven days, in an imminent danger scenario.

  5. Heh. My Christian Bible. What do you read, John? The Koran? Or, do you worship at the alter of abortion?

  6. Jl says:

    John, what are you trying to say? Are you praising North Carolina’s unemployment rate? I can’t tell and I don’t know the answer, but if the NC unemployment rate is under the national average, as you say, that means they have more people employed than the national average. If it’s in “the bottom third” of unemployment, that would mean it’s in the top third in employment. Not like you to say something like that. If the national average unemployment is, say, 6%, then NC is under that at, say, 4%. That would be good for the people of NC.

  7. Jeffery says:

    No one who whole-heartedly supports abortion on demand should ever discuss morality.

    Nonsense. Do you have any logic or reason to support your opinion?

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