A Fair Look At Donald Trump’s Record

Is Donald Trump a liberal in Republican clothes? A progressive? A Conservative? Where does he stand? Let’s take a look at where he has stood on issues over the past. Over course, we cannot look at a voting record like most politicians, since he has never served in an elected position. On The Issues as a fantastic place to look at a candidates record, such as it is, and rates Trump as a Libertarian-leaning Conservative. How do they arrive at this? Let’s look (hit the link to see the full details and quotes).

  • Abortion: Since 2011, he has been pro-life, after being pro-abortion back on 2000.
  • Budget and economy: he’s been remarkably consistent in leaning towards Republican/Conservative/Libertarian policies
  • Civil Rights: was against gay marriage before Supreme Court decision. Seems to want to move on. Against political correctness
  • Corporations: very much pro-corporation, but has also noted that being a know-it-all shuts the door on new ideas
  • Crime: Trump is very tough on crime
  • Drugs: he’s no fan of drugs or alcohol, but, does favor legalization, mostly leaving it up to the states
  • Schools: favors school choice and competition, against Common Core and teacher’s unions, against much of the silly stuff taught in schools
  • Energy and Oil: for drilling, doesn’t believe in ‘climate change’
  • Environment: against circuses and their abuse of elephants, thinks environment should be considered in development, and thinks the EPA is a disgrace
  • Foreign policy: has long had a concern with China. Very concerned with Middle East
  • Free Trade: has long been concerned with trade imbalances, especially regarding Mexico and China
  • Government reform: thinks private sector can do it better, the role and scope of government should be limited
  • Gun control: he used to be for gun control and an assault weapons ban, before changing his mind in 2011
  • Health care: he was for universal health care before changing to being a free market guy against Obamacare in 2011
  • Homeland security: he’s been for a strong military and strong homeland defense, especially against radical Islam.
  • Immigration: This is a very mixed bag, with some statements against illegal, and to a degree, legal, immigration, some are in support of legalization of illegals and expanding legal.
  • Jobs: Trump has been pro-America, bringing jobs back, is against a minimum wage, prefers more opportunities, and against raising business taxes
  • Principles and Values: I’d recommend reading all these for judgement
  • Social Security: he’d prefer people invest in their own retirement, but, understands SS isn’t an entitlement, it’s honoring a deal
  • Tax reform: against flat tax, but, wants a simple tax code with low rates. Did advocate for a 14% tax on wealthy back in 1999 to erase national debt. Flipped on Bush tax cuts in 2011.
  • Technology: is big on supporting tech
  • War and Peace: big supporter of Israel, as well as the US military. Wanted to attack North Korea. Slurred John McCain multiple times, going back to 2000. Supported Iraq War before flipping.
  • Welfare: supports workfare, and limited food stamps.

The only thing I’ll note in letting you make up your mind, is that several of Trump’s positions flipped in 2011, when he decided to run for President as a Republican. His position on the Iraq War flipped at the exact same time as when the Democrats decided to use the war to attack President Bush of political purposes. Also, the quotes generally do not go back that far, sometimes only since 2011. Of course, in a lot of cases, no one would have been asking Donald questions about political positions before 2011. He seems to be, for the most part, a moderate Republican who is pro-business, wants limited government, supports the military and Israel, is against radical Islam, and wants people to succeed through hard work, education, and increasing America’s economy.

What are your judgements?


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2 Responses to “A Fair Look At Donald Trump’s Record”

  1. John says:

    Please opposition to the war was not simply opposition to Bush
    My thoughts on Trump? The GOP created him, you own him

  2. Jeffery says:

    The Donald insists on being adored and attacks those that don’t adore him, “proving” that those that don’t love him are defective. It’s a sociopath’s tautology.

    Like a great mountain makes its own weather, Trump makes his own truth. If he says it, it’s true. And he attacks and mocks those who point out his innumerable lies.

    The On the Issues website prepares a list of quotes from candidates – no analysis, no context. Teach interpreted Trump’s quotes through his own biased lens. Republican voters will come around to find a way to support him. after all, Republicans consider George W a good President, and the policies proposed by Ted Cruz to be good. Trump is not far worse than those two.

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