NC Lt. Governor Champions College Free Speech Legislation

This is sure to send the Special Snowflakes into apoplexy, claiming this is a microagression and makes them feel unsafe. Sadly, there is zero sarcasm in that sentence. Ten years ago, perhaps. Now? None

(Carolina Journal) Students could face punishment, including the possibility of expulsion, for engaging in conscious acts stifling the First Amendment rights of others, and the UNC system would be required to implement free speech rules, under a plan Lt. Gov. Dan Forest hopes to turn into law.

“A bill designed to restore and protect free speech to the University of North Carolina System is very likely going to be introduced in the General Assembly next month,” Stanley Kurtz announced Saturday in Cary during the Civitas Institute’s annual Conservative Leadership Conference.

Kurtz, senior fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Ethics and Public Policy Center, worked with Forest to draft the Campus Free Expression Act.

“To my knowledge it will be the most comprehensive, and ambitious effort ever undertaken to protect and defend free expression at any American college or university, public or private,” and could be a national model, Kurtz said.

Now, I’ll let you read the rest, which is well worth it. It is certainly a lofty goal, because college campuses have certainly become hotbeds of one sided speech, where various methods are used in order to shut down and silence voices people, meaning those on the political Left, do not agree with.

Here’s the big question: is it Constitutional, both at the State level and the federal level, to punish students for shouting down people engaged in free speech? Wouldn’t that interfere with the protester’s free speech? You’re entitled to your free speech, but, that doesn’t mean I can’t talk over you in expressing mine, right? That said, at what point do the protests stop being “peaceable”, which is another important part of the 1st Amendment? Is a large group shouting down speakers non-peaceable? Is make noise with things like drums and those annoying horns non-peaceable? How about blocking people from speaking, and blocking people from listening to speeches?

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4 Responses to “NC Lt. Governor Champions College Free Speech Legislation”

  1. Blick says:

    Good Questions, Captain. Is it the Govt’s responsibility to protect citizen’s Civil rights? Well, the fed govt has dept’s dedicated to civil rights, voting rights, racial discrimination, and fair housing, and disability rights. So the fed govt. thinks some rights have to be protected; so why not all? Shouting down an speaker is “discrimination” in the sense a person is unable to enjoy their rights– same as in fair housing, or racial discrimination. Further, it is bad manners and rude and it violates your Banner statement. The broader question is should the govt actively enforce rights or passively enforce complaints of violation? again the fed govt. does both.

  2. john says:

    Teach any comment on the lack of GOP “moderates” speaking out against the violence that befalls protestors at Trump rallies?
    It seems Trump can’t hold a rally without some of his supporters assaulting a protesters
    At some point Teach “moderates” had better begin calling out racism and violence, maybe Trump will have to set aside a “safe place” where non supporters can not be attacked
    Is punching someone in the face considered “free speech”

  3. Blick says:

    By definition, protesters are manytimes disruptive, ill-mannered, rude and crude bullies. Flying the US Flag is offensive to leftists, but burning the flag is free speech. Who is being violent? BLM protesters exemplify this definition. West-boro protesters exemplify this. Moderates speak out about both. It is the leftists that approve of bullying tactics by protesters. Peaceful, mannered protesters do not get “punched” only the provocative protestors. As ye sow, so shall you reap. OR Instant Karma.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    John, any comment on the violence that befalls people at liberal rallies and protests such as Melissa Click’s assault on a policeman and then on a student? (Clark’s actions were supported by liberals. After she lied about the incident, she was fired and is now appealing her termination.) When are you going to comment on that?

    At some point “moderates” had better begin calling out violence at liberal protests john.

    Is assaulting someone considered “free speech?”

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