During Democrat Debate, Hillary Clinton Totally Enthused To Discuss Her Email Server Issue

Just kidding. She deflected like crazy, per the transcript of the debate at the NY Times (via a story at The Hill)

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, I want to ask you about something you talked about this morning. You said this morning, about your emails, that you expect the investigation to be wrapped up soon. The Republican front-runner, Donald Trump says, he’s going to talk about your emails every single day if he is the nominee and out on the campaign trail.

Democrats want to know, your supporters want to know, if you’re the nominee, how are you going to take him on?

CLINTON: Well, let me start by saying that the last time I checked as of last night, Donald Trump had received 3.6 million votes, which is a good number. And there is only one candidate in either party who has more votes than him and that’s me.(APPLAUSE)

CLINTON: And, I am building a broad, diverse coalition across our country. I’m very excited by the support we’re receiving. I have said, and I’ll repeat here, I think that Donald Trump’s bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear (oh) well on the American people. (APPLAUSE)

So, I will look forward to engaging him because, you know, I don’t think we need to make America great again. America didn’t stop being great, we have to make it whole again. We have to knock down the barriers, we have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country.

And, if I’m fortunate enough to be the nominee that’s exactly what I will do.

At which point there was no follow up question to see if she would answer the first question. You can that whomever the GOP candidate is, be it Trump, Cruz, or the Establishment pulls some sort of shenanigans during the convention, the issue of Hillary’s insecure server will be brought up. Heck, the server I use to host this blog has more security than Hillary’s server. You can look up the SSL security certificate for Dreamhost, as I’m sure you can look up the one for the host Right Wing News uses (as this will be crossposted). Hillary, who was transmitting all three levels of classified material through her server had no SSL certificate. The State Department uses many, many IT people to continue to upgrade the software in an attempt to stop intrusion attempts. And even they have been hacked.

And, for those who say “there’s been no breach”, per one person, you need to be reminded that “But not detecting a breach is not the same as not being breached, security experts say.” And when you’re using crummy software, it’s harder to detect. Sometimes, it takes years to see that there was a breach.

Let’s be clear: if a Republican did this, Democrats would be freaking out and calling it treason, and would be demanding for an independent prosecutor. And, excepting the treason part, they’d be right. Regardless, Hillary will be subjected to quite a bit of questions from whomever the Republican candidate is over this situation, most particularly questioning her judgement. And, she should probably heed her own words

Sanders made the call for Snyder’s resignation again at the debate, before Clinton was asked about Flint.

“One of the points that I have made is the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible,” Sanders said. “He should resign.”

Clinton said “amen” to Sanders’ comments, and then added her own call for Snyder’s removal..

It’s certainly a dereliction of duty to put the national security of the United States at risk simply because Hillary found it inconvenient to use the State Department email system. Try blowing off filing your taxes and tell the IRS you found it inconvenient. See what happens.

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