Super-divisive President Moans About Partisanship

Let’s not forget, this is a guy who, almost immediately upon winning the presidency and taking office, told John McCain, who he defeated, “I won”, and said pretty much the same thing to Congressional Republicans, who were in the minority at the time. That set the tone for the rest of his presidency, where he rarely reached across the aisle, and, when he did, he often demanded ridiculous things or reneged on deals. He’s turned everything into a partisan fight, sometimes even before Republicans had had a chance to respond. He’s referred to Tea Party members as “Teabaggers”, and attacked private citizens for daring to disagree. You have to know that the IRS targeting of Conservative groups originated somewhere within his administration. Anyhow, you know the score. Yet, we get this

(The Blaze) In a homecoming of sorts in front of the Illinois General Assembly where he once served, President Barack Obama called for healing the political divide — before going on to make a polarizing point.

“There is no doubt that America is better off today than when I took office,” Obama said, which prompted rousing applause from Democratic state lawmakers in the Capitol for about 20 seconds, while Republicans provided little response.

“See, I didn’t want this to be like a State of the Union speech where we have one side standing up and the other sitting down,” Obama said. “Come on guys, you know better than that.”

Then he should say things that people agree with. Notice that Obama’s own words in excoriating people who disagree with him create strife.

“This is an important part of the issue — we have an importation of our politics nationally on cable and talk radio and it seeps into everything,” Obama said.

See? It’s not his fault, it’s Everyone Else, especially those people, both left and right, as he complained about both Fox News and the Huffington Post, who dare express their views.

“When I hear either side talking about refusal to compromise as actual accomplishment, I’m not impressed,” Obama said.

Remember when he and the Dems compromised on the Stimulus and Obamacare? Oh, right. Remember all the times Obama has compromised? Quick, name one.

(AFP) “The tone of our politics hasn’t gotten better since I was inaugurated. In fact, it’s gotten worse,” Obama said.

“There is still this yawning gap between the magnitude of our challenges and the smallness of our politics.”

Someone needs to look in the mirror. One point he did make is that this is not something new, politics has always been divisive. On that, he’s correct

Obama also outlined measures that he said could ease the enmity, including to reduce the “corrosive influence of money in our politics”

“I don’t believe that money is speech. Or that political spending should have no limits,” he said, backing a constitutional amendment to that end.

Let’s not forget that he raised around $800 million dollars for his 2008 campaign, and reneged on his promise to take the taxpayer funded $75 million for the general election. His goal for 2012 was a billion dollars to spend. Yet, he wants to complain about money in politics?

After leaving Springfield, Obama is set to jet to California for a series of Democratic fundraisers, where it is normally good for business to take a few jabs at Republicans.

Huh. Think on that.

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11 Responses to “Super-divisive President Moans About Partisanship”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    “There is no doubt that America is better off today than when I took office,” Obama said, which prompted rousing laughter applause from Democratic state lawmakers in the Capitol for about 20 seconds…, while Republicans were rolling on the floor clutching their sides in provided little response.

  2. John says:

    Let’s not forget that this is the POTUS that upon taking office with a huge electoral vote victory was greeted by the GOP senate head saying ” our number one objective is to make Obama a one term POTUS”
    Decisive ??? Ever hear anyone from the tight saying
    A secret Muslim
    Not a real Anerican
    Wants to destroy the USA
    Because he was born in Kenya is not even legally the POTUS
    Wants to be king/dictator
    All this when his approval ratings were twice as high as that clown Bush who invaded/occupied 2 Muslim countries and destabilized the entire Mideast
    Remember it will be a cakewalk slam dunk WMD mission accomplished ??????thd USA hasn’t forgotten

  3. Dana says:

    Well, the President is right about one thing:

    This is an important part of the issue — we have an importation of our politics nationally on cable and talk radio and it seeps into everything.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that the media were 100% supportive of the Democrats: the three major networks, CNN and newspapers were our only sources of information, and only those things which the editors wanted the public to know were broadcast or published.

    In 1988 came Rush Limbaugh, showing that yes, there was another side to the story, and after talk radio got the ball rolling, the internet started to take off and Fox News provided another source of information, this one not in the pockets of the left. What our esteemed President doesn’t like is that the public get more than one side — his side — of the story these days.

    Of course, we did have two times when the professional media, before 1988, decided to tell another side of the story, when the media went all-in to lose the Vietnam War, and when the media decided to try to ‘get’ President Nixon.

    It got most interesting when the professional media decided to cover up for John Edwards, and it took The National Enquirer to expose him.

  4. mojo says:

    The idea that anyone needs to impress this lefty loon is the most offensive of all.

  5. david7134 says:

    By an criteria, Obama is the worst president ever. This must make Jimmy Carter happy. I love the fact that nothing can be done in Washington unless you do it exactly the way Obama wants and if you disagree or seek compromise, then you are racist and partisan. Then you have people like Hillary saying that she is making war on conservatives and Republicans (not the same thing). That is real partisanship.

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  7. Jl says:

    “GOP senate head saying lets make Obama a one term POTUS”. John, have you ever heard of something so horrible? How can you stand it? I’m sure this is the first time in history that the opposing party stated they only wanted one term for their adversary. Did it take a lot of research to find that fact? And, by the way, the WMD mission was accomplished

  8. Jeffery says:


    The unemployment rate was greater under Reagan. Bush II invaded Iraq for no good reason. Reagan nearly tripled the national debt. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon got us in and kept us in Vietnam. Bush II had people tortured. 9/11 occurred on Bush II’s watch, OK City bombing under Clinton’s watch. Reagan and Clinton pushed financial deregulation that contributed to the Great Recession.

    For things that conservatives find objectionable Johnson signed Medicare; FDR Social Security; Nixon EPA,gasoline rationing, OSHA, Clean Air Act but vetoed the Clean Water Act; Eisenhower Interstate highways,

  9. Jeffery says:


    I’ve underestimated your extreme nuttiness. So the media “lost” the wrong-headed Vietnam War and caused the crooked Nixon to resign? And Rush Limbaugh is your media hero, LOL. I used to listen to Rush back when he was still on the air, and he was an entertaining and lying demagogue as well as an insult to Missouri.

  10. Veritas says:

    Huge electorial victory? You mean like winning 49 states?
    Does anyone recall anyone saying:
    I stand with Islam.
    These are not American values (from someone who spends his day attacking American values).
    Says he wants to transorm America-because he loves it so.
    Obama said he was born in Kenya. Notice he has had all his records sealed.
    Nah doesn’t want to be king/dictator, only God.
    Obama’s approval ratings are so high that the Democrat party has been crushed in the sentae, congress and in the statehouses throughout the land. He’s as popular as STD. But then clown Obama has started how many undeclared wars, destablized and radicalized the entire Middle East, and given nuclear arms to Iran.
    Remember I don’t have all the facts but the police are bigoted? Obama makes one long for the honesty of Nixon, the effectiveness of Carter, and the integrity of Clinton.

    Obama because Hitler, Stalin and Mao are no longer with us.

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