Sportsmanship: Are Complaints About Cam Newton “Racist”?

This is a conversation I’ve had many times in the Real World, with friends, coworkers, even on local radio one time, as many sports sites have wondered if the condemnation and complaints about Cam Newton are racist. I would say that the majority of complaints have absolutely nothing to do with racism. You have to admit that Cam is a really good QB. He has the physical and mental talents to be an all-time great QB, possibly even a Hall of Fame one. Time will tell. I like that he came into the league with lots of fanfare, had a great first season, then regressed like so many 2nd year players, and worked hard to know the game not just physically, but learning the position, studying film, defenses, learning learning learning. You cannot fault his capabilities.

He understands when he should run, unlike lots of running QBs. You have to get the ball to the skill players, ie, wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Those running QBs who make 1 read and run tend to find the skill players tuning them out and getting bored. Cam is very smart in when to run.

The problem with Cam is one that seems prevalent throughout the NFL: unsportsmanlike conduct. All the taunting, the physical demonstrations. A guy makes a tackle and runs ten yards down the field to mug for the camera. All the dancing. All the mugging. I find it to be tedious and unsportsmanlike, personally.

When it comes to Cam, I find that he is over the top. I rarely watch Panthers games, as they are often on at the same time the Giants play, but, consider one late season game. Newton goes in for the running TD. He then has to do his little dab dance. Then he holds up a finger to the camera in a “wait” gesture, and does the Superman opening his shirt thing (which is the height of narcissism). Then gives the ball to a fan. Which is perfectly OK. Then the little jumping in the air and bumping a teammate thing. Then the little jump in the air like you’re shooting a basket with another teammate (guys, you play football, not basketball). It went on and on. Doing a dance then giving the ball away would have been fine. But, Cam, and many other players, just keep going on and on. It’s taunting, and poor sportsmanship.

Cam is the visible face of the Panthers. He’s The Man. He needs to set a proper tone.

Nor is Cam the only one, again. Carson Palmer’s “pelvic thrust” thing on the sidelines was despicable. I have a hard time rooting for the Steelers, despite being my dad’s team, due to Ben Rothlesberger’s antics in the past. There’s too much of this, and it sets a bad example for the kids watching. They think this is proper conduct, and, maybe the players are OK with all the taunting and gestures, but, they are grown ups.

I remember someone during one of the playoffs games this year about to go in the end zone, and pointing a finger at a player on the other team. While he’s mugging for the camera with a TD, there was a flag on the field hitting him with a 15 yard taunting penalty. Poor behavior.

So, what brings this up? I was reading all the sports news this am, and ran across stories with this, regarding Cam not going for that fumble late in the 4th

Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan basically called Newton selfish. “That’s the way he is. Playing for himself,” Trevathan told

Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib agreed, saying, “He didn’t want it.”

No one was celebrating Newton’s downfall more than Talib after the game.

“There ain’t no Easter Bunny, there ain’t no Santa Claus, there ain’t no Superman,” Talib toldthe Broncos’ official website.

In a separate interview with a Canadian television station, Talib said Newton was probably tearing up in his press conference.

“Cam’s probably crying right now,” Talib said, via

Now, on one hand, Cam was asking for it

All of the high-energy antics Carolina was known for this season emanated from Newton’s on-field behavior. Dancing and celebrating when you win is fun, and it’s entertaining and was enjoyable to watch all season long. If you didn’t want Newton and the Panthers to dance, well, stop them from scoring. It’s what they told everyone.

Exactly. They said stop them. The Broncos did. But, the Broncos won the game. There is no need for these comments from Broncos players. Be happy you won. Be good winners. Don’t be sore winners. Don’t rub salt in the wound. It is simply bad sportsmanship. You don’t see this happening that much in the NHL or baseball. You try these on field and off field antics, and someone will run you over in the NHL or hit you/throw behind you in baseball. It’s part of the unwritten code, which requires respect. Perhaps the NFL could learn something about respect.

BTW, I will not blast Cam for his shoddy post-game conference conduct. He just had a bad game, his team lost, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Give the guy a break on the questions. Much like I thought all the questions asking Peyton about retirement were absurd. Wrong time, wrong place. Let the guy celebrate. Likewise, let Cam sulk. It was a big loss. Yeah, many QBs have handled it better, but, put yourself in his place.

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6 Responses to “Sportsmanship: Are Complaints About Cam Newton “Racist”?”

  1. john says:

    Teach knows what “a proper tone” should be he went to an elitist prep school

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Cleanup on aisle 6….john just spewed another nonsensical comment.

  3. Doesn’t it just figure, GC, that John would go there? I post something that really has nothing to do with politics, and he goes douchebag.

    Of course, John is kinda correct in his attempted smear. I did learn proper sportsmanship at that prep school, which taught respect. I also learned it from my dad, who coached soccer, and from my little league baseball coaches, and my grade school baseball coach. I learned respect from all the older folks who helped me learn to surf when I took it up in 8th grade. And from all the swim team coaches I had when growing up. And from the coaches from pee wee hockey. And from watching how players in the NHL and MLB acted in trying to police their sports to be good sports.

    Apparently, John approves of @sshole behavior, rather than respectful behavior.

  4. Larry says:

    Bingo. I miss players like Barry Sanders, who after scoring would just hand the ball to the ref. These attention whores need to start acting like they’ve been there/done that before.

    Prancing around because you made a play? Congratulations bozo, you just did your job.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Cam gets to go home feeling sad.
    Peyton gets to go home and f*ck the prom queen.

  6. Dana says:

    Well, maybe: he did say that he was going to go home and drink a lot of Budweiser. Too much beer, and the prom queen goes untouched.

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