Warmist Naomi Klein: We Need To Change Everything To Solve ‘Climate Change’

High-ranking leader in the Cult of Climastrology Naomi Klein is the one you need to listen to, if you want to really know what this whole issue of anthropogenic global warming/climate change is really all about. The article is an interview by Michael Winship of Klein, and has the headline

Naomi Klein: Climate Change “Not Just About Things Getting Hotter… It’s About Things Getting Meaner”

This is also available at the Huffington Post, and the “meaner” part refers to something later in the interview

So climate change is an accelerant. We often talk about how when you interview a climate scientist like Michael Mann or James Hansen and you say, “Well, did climate change cause this storm?” They won’t say that. “No, it didn’t cause it, but it loaded the dice. So we were going to have the storm anyway but because of climate change you’ve got this super storm.” So what I would say is climate change does that but not just with the weather. If you’ve got a racist society, if you’ve got a problem of racism in your society and then you add climate change to it, then it goes crazy. If you’ve got a problem with inequality and then you add climate change to it, then it becomes sci-fi. So what brings me to this is that I’m not just worried about things getting hotter, and this is what I think that I wish more environmentalists would wrap their heads around: This is not just about things getting hotter and wetter, it’s about things getting meaner. And that’s why we have to talk about values and who we want to be in the face of this crisis.

Go that? It’s a new one, that Hotcoldwetdry means things get “meaner”. Anyhow, let’s get back to the beginning of the interview

Naomi Klein: So the ‘this’ in This Changes Everything is climate change. And the argument that I make in the book is that we find ourselves in this moment where there are no non-radical options left before us. Change or be changed, right? And what we mean by that is that climate change, if we don’t change course, if we don’t change our political and economic system, is going to change everything about our physical world. And that is what climate scientists are telling us when they say business as usual leads to three to four degrees Celsius of warming. That’s the road we are on. We can get off that road, but we’re now so far along it, we’ve put off the crucial policies for so long, that now we can’t do it gradually. We have to swerve, right? And swerving requires such a radical departure from the kind of political and economic system we have right now that we pretty much have to change everything.

We have to change the kind of free trade deals we sign. We would have to change the absolutely central role of frenetic consumption in our culture. We would have to change the role of money in politics and our political system. We would have to change our attitude towards regulating corporations. We would have to change our guiding ideology.

Klein is the honest voice of the CoC, saying that this whole thing, especially their policy prescriptions, are about doing away with capitalism, changing the political system away from democracy, and having Big Government controls of our lives, private entities, and economies. They want to “build a better society”, which is a direct quote from Klein regarding her book. What they want is an authoritarian society. Klein talks about throwing ‘climate change’ in the blender with virtually every issue, be it jobs, economies, transportation, you name it, because this is what it’s all about: Progressive ideology, a Big Government dominance over all things.

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