Warmists Now Claim Persian Gulf Might Get Cyclones

The crystal ball is working overtime

(Yahoo News) Climate change is bringing small risks that tropical cyclones will form in the Persian Gulf for the first time, in a threat to cities such as Dubai or Doha which are unprepared for big storm surges, a U.S. study said on Monday.

Tampa in Florida and Cairns in Australia, two places where cyclones already happen, would be increasingly vulnerable to extreme storms this century, according to the report, based on thousands of computer models.

The shallow and warm waters of the Persian Gulf, where cyclones have never been recorded, might generate the storms in future as a side-effect of global warming, according to the study in the journal Nature Climate Change.

 photo facepalm.gif

Perhaps I need to find a witch or some sort of monster doing a facepalm, to go with all the scary stories the Cult of Climastrology likes to tell?

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One Response to “Warmists Now Claim Persian Gulf Might Get Cyclones”

  1. jl says:

    “may” get cyclones. Or, it may not.

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