Say, Could The California Drought Be The New Normal?

Members of the Cult of Climastology love trotting out phrases such as “the new normal”. They’ve used it for many issues, such as after the big hurricane season of 2005, where they predicted it would be the new normal, and then landfalling hurricane activity fell to the floor. They claimed that the drought in Australia would be the new normal. Then said that the flood conditions would be the new normal, when Australia started seeing lots of rain.

Editorial: California drought could be the new normal

Reports of California’s demise are as predictable as they are exaggerated whenever the Golden State endures one of its regular disasters.

Earthquakes, fires, floods, the Great Recession and more strike, and we survive. But two reports on the drought last week ought to give us pause about how we use and misuse water, even as a third in the journal Geophysical Research Letters drives home the bad news about global warming, estimating that climate change has worsened California’s drought by up to 20 percent.

The Public Policy Institute of California raised the what-if possibility that the drought could persist. If so, more wells will run dry, leaving the low-income rural San Joaquin Valley dependent on emergency supplies.

Eighteen species of fish face extinction, including trout and salmon. Birds are threatened as Pacific Flyway wetlands wither. Wildfires are fiercer; some conifer forests could be lost forever. And even if a drenching El Niño comes to pass, the PPIC predicts a new, dryer, normal.

“The combination of low flows and high temperatures make this a ‘drought of the future’ – the type of drought California is increasingly likely to experience as the region’s climate warms,” the report says.

Expect California to soon go to flood conditions as Warmists push this meme.

And there’s still no hard, scientific proof that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind.

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One Response to “Say, Could The California Drought Be The New Normal?”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The current El Nino may end the drought. Understand that natural variability is superimposed on the current human-caused warming.

    So the “new normal” could be several years of severe drought followed by a monsoon season, followed by more drought. One thing is certain, the “new normal” is and will continue to be, different from the “old normal”.

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