It’s Time For Repentance On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Remember, the “climate change” movement has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with religion. And using Hotcoldwetdry in the headline is 100% justified

A time for repentance: Implications of climate change for Nebraska

Will a changing climate bring better conditions or a harsher environment for farmers?

Will we see more rainfall or a new Dust Bowl?

Yes is the answer to these questions, according to University of Nebraska-Lincoln climatologist and drought expert Don Wilhite.

Better and worse ’cause “climate change”? Check. Flood and drought? Check. No matter the question, “climate change” is the answer.

It was these questions and Wilhite’s answers that prompted the Rev. Kim Morrow to leave the pulpit for the conference table, with the hope that faith, ethics and a moral imperative can change the course of the world. (snip)

“Climate change is the most pressing moral issue of our time,” Morrow said. “The faith community is concerned not only for the fate of species and habitat, but for human beings. Changing weather patterns threaten to wreak havoc on people’s lives and property, on our communities and our infrastructure. The more we understand and act now, the more we can mitigate suffering in the future.”

Do you know what would be ethical and moral? If all the Cult of Climastrology members would stop using fossil fuels, make their own lives carbon neutral, and refuse to breed. Oh, and stop trying to increase the size of government it’s control over citizens.

According to Wilhite’s report, Nebraska will see 8- to 9-degree temperature increases by the last quarter of the center, if greenhouse gas pollution continues at its current rates.

Extreme precipitation events also will become more common, as will periods of severe drought. The changing climate will bring pendulum swings between extremes to our state, said Morrow, director of Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light and now a climate change resource specialist working with Wilhite in the school of Applied Climate Science at UNL.


“In religious terms it’s time for repentance, which means to change or to turn. The first step is to tell the truth and have the courage to look deeply and look truthfully into what’s happening. And the second is make changes to become healthier,” Morrow said. “This is the moment we are at as a society. It’s time to have the courage to look deeply and tell the truth and take action for ourselves and our future.”

Repent, Warmists! Time to give up your modern lives and live like it’s 10,000 B.C.!

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2 Responses to “It’s Time For Repentance On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    New conservatives always want others to make their world better. Other men and women always fight the wars they advocate. Others should reduce their fossil fuel use. Blacks need to just stop being discriminated against! Others should pay taxes.

  2. john says:

    absolute perfectionism in others is one hallmark of a narcissist.

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