USA Today: Iranian Chants Of “Death To America” Really Don’t Mean “Death To America” Or Something

Nothing like covering for a hardcore regime which despises America, and imbues that sentiment in its citizens. Here’s Reese Erlich’s atrocious take (it should be noted that the article originally appeared at The Global Post)

In Iran, ‘death to America’ doesn’t mean what you think

Hardline Iranians continue to shout “death to America” at Friday prayers and political rallies as they have for decades. That chant is cited by conservative U.S. politicians as proof that Iran remains hostile and can’t be trusted to implement nuclear accords. (snip)

But Iranians have a different interpretation of the slogan.

“Death to America” expresses the anger many Iranians feel about U.S. policy toward Iran, said Foad Izadi, an assistant professor of world studies at the University of Tehran. Iranians remember that the U.S. overthrew the legitimate government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 and supported the dictatorial Shah who followed.

The slogan “means death to American foreign policy,” said Izadi. Iranians “have problems with the American government, not the American people.” In fact, he said, Iranians are friendly to Americans. “When you walk around town, and people see you’re an American, everyone wants to take care of you.”

Oh, good, Reese takes the word of one assistant professor, one who has been a big supporter of the regime. After this, the article completely moves on from the chants and meaning of “death to America”, except for one tiny bit at the end which notes that Iranians won’t stop chanting “death to America” anytime soon.

This is an insane hot take on what Iranians actually mean. When they’re chanting “death to Israel”, then mean they want to wipe Israel off the map. When they chant “death to America”, they mean death to America, not its foreign policy. But, leftist supporters of the Iran Deal will stop at nothing to get it passed. They’re even calling Senator Menendez a “warmonger” after he said he won’t support the deal.

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5 Responses to “USA Today: Iranian Chants Of “Death To America” Really Don’t Mean “Death To America” Or Something”

  1. Hank_M says:

    So death to America doesn’t mean what it says?

    Not a big surprise from those who also told us that…

    1)If we like our insurance plan we can keep it.
    2) Obamacare will reduce premiums by $2500
    3) Amnesty cannot be passed by executive action
    4) Not one dime of obamacare will go for abortion

    I could go on. The left never means what they say so they obviously assume the same from others.

  2. Jeffery says:

    And John McCain didn’t mean “Bomb, bomb, bomb.. bomb, bomb Iran”…

    In the US we openly discuss whether to bomb/invade Iran or whether to encourage Israel to.

    The US has been responsible for economic sanctions wrecking their economy and killing their citizens. The US/Israel has hacked the Iranian computer infrastructure. In 1953 the US and Britain engineered a coup in Iran, deposing the democratically elected and secular progressive Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mosaddegh leading to the development of the Islamist state there in response to the brutal pro-Western dictator the Shah Reza Pahlazi. Why did the Brits enlist the US to overthrow Mosaddegh? Because Iran had nationalized British Petroleum.

    I’ve worked with many Iranians – they were smart, hard-working, pleasant and good-looking, to boot.

    The US has been working since 1953 to destroy Iran. Is it any wonder that some are pissed?

  3. Surprise. Jeff defends Iran and trashes the country he lives in. Typical liberal.

  4. jl says:

    “Or encourage Israel to…” But of course- we wouldn’t want Israel to do that, we’d rather wait till they drop the big one on Tel Aviv

  5. Jeffery says:

    I didn’t trash America – the America that southern rednecks want to betray and leave – I just told the truth.

    We’re a great nation, but not a perfect one. And conservative Republicans make it worse, not better.

    I can understand why the Iranians distrust the US.

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