Good Grief: Joe Romm Links “Godzilla” El Nino With “Climate Change”

Warmists just can’t help themselves. In this case, it’s George Soros funded climate monkey Joe Romm

‘Godzilla El Niño’ Plus Carbon Pollution Equals Global Warming Speed-Up

NASA oceanographer Bill Patzert called the intensifying El Niño, “Godzilla.” A NOAA research scientist called it “Bruce Lee” in July, and, by August, she said that what’s coming is “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.”

Whatever you call it, the short-term burst of regional warming in the tropical Pacific (from the monster El Niño) combined with the strong underlying long-term global warming trend means that 2015 will easily be the hottest year on record — blowing past the record just set in 2014. And if the global temperature pattern repeats that of the last super El Niño (1997-1998), then 2016 could well top 2015 record. Here’s why.

It’s the part about “blowing past 2014” that’s the most important, as linking the two issues, the first, completely natural, the latter another mostly natural issue that has been turned into a fictional man-made horror story, creates a way for Warmists to continue to blame mankind. They’ll likely say “well, sure, we’ve had El Nino’s before, but this one was much, much, much, much worse because of carbon pollution, and we are all doomed”. It’s a pre-emptive strike against people and scientists who will rightly point out that El Nino’s cause increased temperatures.

The authors warned that, by 2020, human-caused warming will move the Earth’s climate system into a regime of rapid multi-decadal rates of warming — with Arctic warming rising a stunning 1°F per decade by the 2020s. They project that within the next few years, “there is an increased likelihood of accelerated global warming associated with release of heat from the sub-surface ocean and a reversal of the phase of decadal variability in the Pacific Ocean.”

That accelerated warming appears to starting now.

The notion that the Arctic will warm 1F per decade is laughable, and completely outside the realm of reality. There’s only been a 1.4F increase in global temps since 1850, for goodness sake. The last line is the one that will dominate Cult of Climastrology talking points, of course.

And, yet, Warmists still won’t give up their own fossil fueled lifestyles and big carbon footprints. Go figure.

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