#BlackLivesMatter Activists Are “Getting Their Message (Of Violence) Across

Did you know that two activists protesting the death of Michael Brown (a punk kid who robbed a store, assaulted a police officer, attempted to take his gun, ran away when it went off, then stupidly charged the police officer, resulting in Brown being shot and killed) where arrested for violence?

(St Louis Post-Dispatch) A prominent figure in the Ferguson protest movement posted bail late Wednesday afternoon and departed the St. Louis County Justice into the arms of cheering supporters who had just ended a brief demonstration on her behalf.

“It’s beautiful,” said Brittany Ferrell, accepting hugs from some of the 75 demonstrators who just moments before had locked arms before a small contingent of Clayton police officers positioned outside the South Central Avenue entrance to the jail.

What were the hugs for?

Ferrell, 26, was freed after posting 10 percent of the $10,000 bail imposed after she was charged with felony property damage, trespass and peace disturbance.

The charges stem from what authorities said was an attack on a SUV driver who attempted to push past Ferrell and other demonstrators blocking Interstate 70 in Earth City on Monday afternoon.

Another activist, Alexis Templeton, 21, was charged with third-degree assault, trespassing on the interstate and peace disturbance. She was released earlier Wednesday afternoon.

The #BlackLivesMatter crowd blocked the I-70 during rush hour Monday, and one driver had had enough, and was slowly trying to force her way through. Templeton (a woman) punched her in the face through her car window, giving the driver a black eye. Ferrell kicked her car, causing $5,000 in damage. This is what they were celebrating with hugs and stuff. Violence against “Whitey”.

The purpose of the Monday highway protest, (Mike, another charged with trespass) said, was to delay westbound rush hour motorists bound for St. Charles, a county he described as a destination for “white flight.”

That’s a rather racist statement, but, hey, can you blame them for bailing when they see these Black activists loot, pillage, riot, and burn their own neighborhoods? When there is violence, shootings, and murders?

“I think we’re getting the message across,” said Mike.

Yes, you are, a message of violence.

Interestingly, they’re acting just like their (criminal) martyr, Michael Brown. Running ruffshod over society, punching people in cars.

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6 Responses to “#BlackLivesMatter Activists Are “Getting Their Message (Of Violence) Across”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Of what crime was Michael Brown convicted? Oh, he was shot by a cop before he could be tried?

    It’s easy for two men to keep a secret when one is dead.

    How many people did Michael Brown kill? Darren Wilson killed at least one.

  2. Dana says:

    The driver of the SUV erred: she should have floored it and just run over their asses. Yeah, I know: that’d have been against the law, but it’s what the protesters deserved.

    Just how, I wonder, do the #BlackLivesMatter protesters think that they are helping their cause by pissing off people who might have supported them?

  3. Dana says:

    Jeffrey, using all of his great intelligence, wrote:

    Of what crime was Michael Brown convicted? Oh, he was shot by a cop before he could be tried?

    And had Mr Brown not tried to seize Officer Wilson’s service weapon, he’d be alive today, probably out on probation, and robbing more stores. It’s unfortunate the way things happened, but Missouri is better off with Mr Ferguson enjoying his eternal reward.

  4. JGlanton says:

    Apparently the notion of peaceful protest is lost on today’s blacks. Now it is OK to carry rifles and yell “Off the pigs” as a form of protest outside a place where a black woman killed herself.

    Fifteen members of the “New Black Panthers” staged a rally outside the Waller County Sheriff’s Office — the site of Sandra Bland’s controversial suicide — Wednesday.

    Several members of the protest were carrying rifles, and all members took part in a military-style, call-and-return chant:

    The revolution is on! Off the pigs! Time to pick up the gun! Off the pigs! No more pigs in my community! Off the pigs! No more brothers in jail! Off the pigs! No more sisters in jail! Off the pigs! The pigs are gonna get scared! Off the pigs! The pigs are gonna get dead! Off the pigs!

  5. Deserttrek says:

    the child abuser, pro child murderer asks about crime .. watch the video and read the doj report .. oh wait it is too to busy cheering the abuse and murder of innocents to find out the truth

  6. Jeffery says:

    The driver of the SUV erred: she should have floored it and just run over their asses.

    And a government helicopter should have wasted Cloven Bundy and his hundreds of armed Bundites. Right?

    Maybe the protesters here on I-70 should have been legally carrying assault rifles.

    JGlanton: What crime did the NBP protesters commit? Certainly it’s legal (even desired) to openly carry firearms in Texas. Certainly it’s legal to chant – even in a “military-style, call-and-return chant”, LOL.

    As I’ve advocated before, and I’m sure you support, every Black person in America should be armed for self-protection. It would reduce Black-on-Black crime and cop-on-Black crime.

    White supremacists all think that all them Negroes should just sit down and shut up.

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