Obama To Unveil New Energy Cost Skyrocketing “Climate Change” Regulations

Somehow, Mr. Barack “Largest Carbon Footprint In The World” Obama believes that slapping tons of new regulations on power plants will cause energy bills to decline, in the same manner he said that passing Obamacare would reduced medical costs

Obama to unveil ‘biggest step ever’ in climate fight

President Barack Obama will Monday unveil what he called the “biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken” to fight climate change, a sensitive issue central to his legacy.

The White House will release the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan, a set of environmental rules and regulations that will home in on the pollution from the nation’s power plants, setting limits on power-plant carbon emissions.

Laying out how climate change was a threat to the health, wellbeing and security of millions of Americans, and adding that time was of the essence, Obama said in a video released early Sunday: “Climate change is not a problem for another generation. Not anymore.”

Really? Here’s the photo run at the story

That’s just one of the dozen plus vehicles that accompany Obama around whenever he goes somewhere, a massive fossil fuels hog. If Obama is worried about “the kids”, perhaps he should start acting like it’s a crisis

“Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change,” added Obama, who made the battle against climate change a core promise of his 2008 election campaign.

“But until now there have been no federal limits to the amount of that pollution that those plants can dump into the air.”

That’s something that should be passed by the Legislative Branch. He had the chance when Democrats had full control of Congress during Obama’s first two years, yet didn’t bother. The big question is, has prior legislation given the Executive Branch the statutory authority to make these rules? Legislation is often so big and generalized, rather than focused and specific, that it might. You can bet lawsuits will be filed by the end of the week.

He added that without imposing limits, “existing power plants can still dump unlimited amounts of harmful carbon pollution into the air weekly.

“For the sake of our kids, for the health and safety of all Americans, that’s about to change.”

So, this same guy who’s super worried about “the kids” took a fossil fueled convoy to play golf, then jumped in a fossil fueled helicopter for a quick trip over to boarding his massive fossil fueled airplane. Notice that he’s wearing the same outfit as in the top photo.

Obama argued that the plans will lead to lower energy bills for everyday Americans and create jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Yeah. Sure they will. How often do huge, restrictive regulations like this cause consumer prices to ever decrease? Never. Getting beyond the massive spin from the White House, EPA, and Cult of Climastrology groups, those who live in the real world understand that power plant regulations tend to be all economic cost, no benefit, including absolutely no benefit in “stopping climate change”.

Let’s not forget that the Supreme Court just shot down the EPA’s 2012 power plant regulations, stating that they didn’t account the cost of regulations. What’s the over/under on these set to be announced regulations failing to consider costs?

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12 Responses to “Obama To Unveil New Energy Cost Skyrocketing “Climate Change” Regulations”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    The GOP should pretend to fight this and then just let it pass….in fact fast track it……

    700.00 electric bills ought to insure that even Rand Paul or Ted Cruz gets elected in 2016.

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  3. john says:

    The costs Americans pay for electricity and gas as a percentage of disposable income peaked under Reagan in 1982 at about 8%
    Since Obama became POTUS they have dereased from about 5.5% to about 5% http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2014/10/americans_devoting_less_income.html
    As far as the GOP fast tracking ANY legislation that is a complete joke. The approval rate of the GOP majority Congress is around 16%
    Since the last elections GOP approval has plummeted.

  4. john says:

    700$ lol
    you are expecting a 500% increase ?

  5. john says:

    restrictive regulations like airbags in cars DID marginally increase the cost of ownership of automoblies. BUT overall costs from injuries and insurance greatly decreased.
    The same way that regulations about acid rain increased some prices but caused a huge net gain
    Teach is still upset over the regulation and tax on his drug of choice.

  6. john says:

    Even the Saudis and other Arabs know that the future is in renewables. THEY expect a further 40% drop in solar costs in the next 2 years. http://cleantechnica.com/2015/01/29/solar-costs-will-fall-40-next-2-years-heres/
    Coal is finished. And it wasn’t “lefties” that killed it. It was science and economics

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    No Im on your side John….absolutely the cost of electricity will plummet when Obama and the EPA demands much stricter regulations.

    I dont know what I was thinking as I was looking at my 360.00 electric bill for July….your right electricity is cheap right now and will get even cheaper as the non existant Alternatives never get built because of the save the gnat fly movements all across the country.

    Absolutely man sock it too those evil electric companies….that will surely drop the price of electricity to all time low rates.

  8. jl says:

    “regulations like airbags did increase the cost of cars..” Good one, John- the point being is that one can show the benefits of airbags- they save lives. Obama’s regulations, not so much. And the next Republican president will reverse them

  9. jl says:

    And John, the 40% cost drop is another “prediction”, most of which the GW crowd has been overwhelmingly wrong with. Wonder why so many new coal plants are being built around the world if the future is in renewables?

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  11. alanstorm says:

    If you want to be taken seriously (doubtful, to judge from your posts), try quoting a publication OTHER than one with a vested interest in promoting the very thing they’re reporting on.

    Look up “conflict of interest”.

  12. Yes, you’re right, Yahoo News and the AFP do have vested interests in pushing climate change “solutions”, as does the Obama admin.

    Should I be citing Think Progress, Salon, and other far left orgs?

    Interestingly, you never disputed the material, Alan. Because you can’t.

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