“Climate Change” Totally Threatens Europe With Colder Climate

Is there anything that Liberals driving around in fossil fueled vehicles and/or fossil fueled airplanes to climate change rallies anthropogenic climate change can’t do?

Global Warming Threatens Colder Climate for Europe

Scientists have yet again warned that weakening ocean circulation in the North Atlantic could deliver a climate paradox—a colder Europe as a consequence of global warming.

A study published in Nature Climate Change found that as sea ice off Iceland and Greenland retreats, the flow of cold, dense water to the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean could be reduced, and therefore weaken the warming effects of the Gulf Stream.

The great submarine current—sometimes called the Atlantic Conveyor—flows south to surface in the tropics as the Gulf Stream, which then flows north again to deliver tropic warmth to European coasts.

However, a slowdown in the natural overturning of the ocean could weaken the Gulf Stream, which in turn could cool the atmosphere over the British Isles and western Europe.

Let’s be clear, they’re actually not wrong on what can happen to the ocean circulation patterns, but, this has happened time and time again as part of the natural processes of the Earth. No actual proof that it is mostly/solely being caused by Mankind this time. Furthermore, they’ve been telling us that “climate change” will make the world, including Europe, super duper hot. They need to make up their minds.

Such a possible collapse of a natural oceanic system is predicated as one of the irreversible tipping points that could result in calamitous climate change.

Good grief. More tipping points.

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6 Responses to ““Climate Change” Totally Threatens Europe With Colder Climate”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Scientists have yet again warned that weakening ocean circulation in the North Atlantic could deliver a climate paradox—a colder Europe as a consequence of global warming.

    Those of you who have been actually reading my technical mumbo jumbo about D-O Events and Heinrich events and the evidence I have laid out for them realize that the evidence is lining up for a heinrich event.

    Malakovich Cycles line up every 23,000 years. We have had 5 Heinrich events in the last 115,000 years and its been about 110-120k years since the last ice age. Heinrich events are triggered by D-0 events.

    Or RAPID rises in temperature which affect the ice shelves, putting more fresh water into the oceans and changing the circulation patterns.

    We are LATE for the next heinrich event…..which is the next great deep freeze.

    I have been studying D-0 events extensively


    and in my opinion with the almost persistent El Nino present in the pacific this has always caused a shift in ocean temperatures between the Pacific and Atlantic causing weak thermo haline circulation….meaning…….COLD northern latitudes.

    I believe we are in the final stages of a D-0 Event which is leading to our next great Heinrich event……and were not gonna like it.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    There is evidence lining up all around the world for a coming Heinrich event triggered by the latest D-0 event which as I have said is a RAPID RISE IN TEMPERATURE over a matter of a few decades…..

    you know precisely as we are seeing right now.

    During a heinrich event their is world wide ramifications.

    For example Weak moonsoon seasons in Indian ocean area..

    to wit:The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has revised its monsoon forecast for 2015 from “below normal” to “deficit”.

    2014: The added stress of past failed monsoons has been deadly for India’s farmers: Suicides are increasingly common in rural areas, especially in drought years.

    Australia is wet leading up to and including the heinrich events……..

    Average rainfall in southern Australia is projected to decrease, and heavy rainfall is projected to increase over most parts of Australia. From Australia’s offical weather bureau.

    What triggers the global weather change of D-0 events and heinrich event…….it is the Super El Nino’s that last for nearly 30 years which is what we have been facing in the last 3 decades….

    It is these El Nino’s that have been pulling tremendous amounts of heat out of the oceans and into the atmosphere leading to increases in temperature….AKA WATER VAPOR NOT CO2 and leading to melting glaciers which pour fresh water into the north and south atlantic.

    Its all lining up for the next big freeze…..so if your willing to prepare I would actually encourage you prepare for cold not warm……Building Solar panels are a wise expenditure and stocking up on 25 year freeze dried foods such as can be found from Emmergency essentials etc.

  3. John says:

    Liberals ( and Teach too!!) have reduced their carbon footprint back to 2007 levels !! way to go Teach

  4. Jl says:

    Why would they needlessly do that?

  5. mojo says:

    Idiots who think the world works on positive feedback loops.

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    This is from a extensive study date 2005.

    Oceanography: The Atlantic heat conveyor slows

    Detlef Quadfasel1
    Top of page

    Computer simulations predict that global warming will weaken the ocean circulation that transports heat from the tropics to higher latitudes in the North Atlantic. Such an effect has now been detected.

    I know I sound like an alarmist in the opposite direction but it is actually global warming that causes glacial periods.

    This rapid rise in temperature….which we are now seeing on this planet….The AGW crowd attributes it to C02 which is nonsense….it is simply a coincidence.

    Additionally D-0 events happen rather quickly….a matter of only a few decades and the last great glacial onslaught was brought about by the shut down of the thermohaline circulation of the oceans. This occurred in a little more then 1 century….we are now about 60 years into the latest rapid rise of temperature and the effects of the oceans circulation are beginning to show.

    My prediction is that within the next 30-40 years we will begin a descent into the next great ice age…..

    And Ice age that is long overdue….its been 115,000 years since the last great ice age and according to malankovich cycles every 23,000 years the earth lines up to trigger a Heinrich event….well right now we are smack dab in the middle of the next 23,000 year cycle.

    The Heinrich event is long over due…

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