Latest Idea To Solve “Urban Unrest”: Restore Voting Rights To Felons

I would think the answer it is to instill Conservative values, extoll the value of learning, stop projects that destroy the value, etc and so on. Tobias T. Gibson looks to double-down on more idiot Progressivism

To diminish urban unrest, start by restoring voting rights

In recent months, there have been a series of peaceful-turned-violent protests in large, urban areas. Many authors have covered the root causes and implications of these protests. While the spark in several of these protests has been the death of a black man during altercation with police, there is certainly tinder that existed well prior to the unrest. Ferguson, Mo.; Baltimore and now Cleveland have become synonymous with a wave of protest that seems to be sweeping the nation.

Riots. He means riots.

Most Americans believe firmly in the right to protest peacefully. That support drops dramatically when the protests turn to violence. In my view, if Americans are serious about preventing violent protest, there is a relatively simple preliminary solution: Restore and enhance the franchise. This simple solution will not solve the root causes of upheaval such as education disparity, racism, unemployment and poverty. President Obama, when asked about issues plaguing the people of Baltimore, replied that “If we think we’re just going to send police in to do the dirty work of containing the problems that arise there, and if, as a nation, we don’t ask what we can do to change these communities, to help uplift these communities and give these kids opportunity, then we’re not going to solve this problem.” While solving a host of complex, complicated, interrelated problems is difficult, allowing all voting-age Americans to vote may indirectly lead to improvements.

Two points: it’s interesting how these issues mostly occur in Black liberal areas, hence my notion that Liberalism  and the Democrat Party have utterly failed Black Americans.

Second, Gibson tells us to restore the franchise to felons, then says it won’t solve the problem of urban violence. He also fails to note that these felons disenfranchised themselves by committing a felonious crime. Since he’s primarily referring to Blacks, perhaps he should consider that the vast majority of crime against Blacks is committed by Blacks, what is termed “Black in origin” crime.

The combination of disenfranchising tools leads to the insidious and perverse consequence that those without an electoral voice take their voices and anger to the streets. And when those protests turn violent, large segments of the American populace are shocked at the scenes in the street — and suggest more “conventional” approaches to political change.

So, we’re supposed to restore the ability to vote to people who are convicted felons because, otherwise, they get violent? Maybe it would be better to tell them that looting and burning drug stores and other buildings is not acceptable, and stick them back in jail. This is yet another Liberal attempt to excuse criminal behavior within the Black community. These same felons would simply vote for the same Party that has helped create the despicable conditions within the Black urban areas.

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