Bummer: Staple Foods Are Bad For Hotcoldwetdry

The obvious solution? Everyone Else needs to just kill themselves to Save The Planet

(Red Orbit) Decomposing crops could be responsible for one-fourth of the post-summer increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and this discovery could help scientists better understand and predict how the planet’s vegetation will react to warming temperatures, researchers from Boston University and elsewhere report in a new study.

Scientists have long known that atmospheric CO2 levels drop in the Northern Hemisphere every summer as plants inhale the substance, then climb again when they exhale following their growing season, but the exact reasons for this phenomenon have remained unclear. Now, however, they report in the journal Nature that agricultural production may play a vital role.

“In the Northern Hemisphere, there is a strong seasonal cycle of vegetation,” Mark Friedl, a professor in the Boston University (BU) Department of Earth and Environment and senior author of the new paper, said in a statement Wednesday. “Something is changing about this cycle; the ecosystems are becoming more productive, pulling in more atmospheric carbon during the summer and releasing more during the dormant period.”

Friedl, Gray and their colleagues collected global production data for corn, wheat, rice and soybeans – four crops that together account for nearly two-thirds of all calories consumed worldwide. They discovered that the production of these crops in the Northern Hemisphere above the tropics has more than doubled since 1961, and that the increase growth effectively translates into one billion tons of carbon captured and released each year.

So, obviously, we all need to stop eating.

Actually, this is part of something that has been known for a long time, and used to be a major feature of early UN IPCC reports: namely that agriculture is one of the top causes for the release of greenhouse gases, especially methane. The question is, what do you do about it? Many of the more hardcore Warmists want to not only limit births in 3rd world nations (particularly in Africa, because Leftists are actually rather racist), but reduce the human population, particularly in 3rd world nations.

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