After Months Of Avoiding Obama, Kay Hagan Gets Him To Cut A Radio Ad

96% Obama rubber stamp Kay Hagan has done all she can to avoid Obama this election cycle. He has made zero appearances for her. She disappeared when Obama made an NC appearance earlier in the year. She hasn’t talked about him. She has distanced herself from him, all in an attempt to appear as a “moderate”. On the last days she finally brings Obama in

(Politico) President Barack Obama has cut a radio ad for North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s campaign, asking voters to “stand with” him in supporting the incumbent, who has tried to distance herself from the president for months.

“North Carolina, we need to send a message this election. If you want to make a difference, here is your chance: Vote for Democrats and Sen. Kay Hagan on Nov. 4. You know Kay Hagan has been tirelessly creating job opportunities here at home and supporting a higher minimum wage,” Obama says in the ad. “But Republicans have been cutting investments in education while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy, so let’s send them a message by voting for someone who shares our priorities. Voting is easy, so stand with me, President Obama, and take responsibility in moving North Carolina forward by voting for Kay Hagan on Nov. 4. A Senator you can count on.”

The ad (you can listen here) is playing on certain select radio stations, most likely the same ones she ran her ad blaming Thom Tillis for Trayvon Martin’s death.

Yup, same ones.

The NC GOP has this

“In the United State Senate, Kay Hagan voted with President Obama 95 percent of the time. This year, she voted for his agenda 99 percent of the time. President Obama has said that his policies are on the ballot, and that a vote for liberals like Senator Hagan is a vote for his agenda. Now – after months of denials and tinny claims to be a ‘moderate’ or ‘independent’ – Senator Hagan has released an advertisement asking North Carolina voters to stand with President Obama by voting for her. In the final hours of the campaign, Senator Hagan has admitted the truth. She is a rubberstamp for President Obama, and if she is re-elected, she will remain a rubber-stamp for President Obama.”

Over to Breitbart

The Tillis campaign reiterated the content of the ad by stressing again that a vote for Hagan is a vote for Obama.

“After desperately attempting to run away from her record of rubber-stamping President Obama 96 percent of the time, Kay Hagan is ending her campaign by featuring Obama’s endorsement of her liberal partisanship and lack of independence,” Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin said in a statement.

“As Kay Hagan’s ad makes clear, a vote for her is a vote to continue President Obama’s failed policies. A vote for Thom Tillis is a vote to change direction and make America great again,” Keylin added.

The new ad comes a day before election day and amid reports that the controversial stimulus grant Hagan’s husband’s company received has been referred by the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources for “further legal review.”

As for that report, none of the media in the Raleigh area are running it. Imagine that Hagan had an R next to her name, and wonder if the report would be covered. You bet it would.

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2 Responses to “After Months Of Avoiding Obama, Kay Hagan Gets Him To Cut A Radio Ad”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Relax. The NC GOP has this election figured out.

    Percy Bostick, 69, of Greensboro attempted to cast a ballot for Kay Hagan at the Old Guilford County Courthouse, the machine instead registered the vote for Republican opponent Thom Tillis.

    “I called one of the poll workers over,” Bostick said. “She said do it again. And again, I touched the screen at the proper place for Kay Hagan, and it again reported it for Thom Tillis.”

    Finally, after four attempts, the vote correctly registered for Hagan. A poll worker canceled the vote altogether, and directed Bostick to instead use another machine, where there were no issues.

    Another voter at the Craft Recreation Center also attempted to vote for Hagan but a machine there registered the vote instead for Tillis. Like Bostick, that voter was moved to another machine, where it was registered correctly.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    That’s okay Jeffery….. you’re still ahead in the riggin’ of machines race:

    In the past week we’ve see votes cast on machines in Illinois’ Cook County and in Maryland switch from Republican to Democrat due to “calibration errors.” has done phenomenal work in documenting changed votes. Now, a new report from The Weekly Standard shows that votes cast in Illinois for Republicans are being changed yet again in favor of Democrats.

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