And Now We Have A Possible Ebola Case In North Carolina

Hey, remember when Obama said Ebola won’t make it to America? And how just a few days ago he continued to say that travel bans were silly? Because keeping people who potentially have a disease with a 60% mortality rate, which causes your insides to liquify, out of the country is just dumb, right?

(WRAL)  The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is monitoring a patient at Duke Unversity Hospital who traveled from Liberia and has developed a fever.

Officials said the patient departed Liberia and arrived Friday at Newark (NJ) Liberty International Airport, which is one of five airports in the nation that has begun screening travelers from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for fever and other signs of illness linked to the Ebola virus.

This will hopefully turn out to be nothing. But, we continue to see these potential cases pop up, like the one in Oregon. Where the person came from Liberia, too. And if either of these people, if not both, end up testing positive for Ebola, you have to wonder how many people they came into contact during their time here in the States. How many people in airports, who can then take the disease with them to other areas of the country, potentially exposing other people.

BTW, with two days to go, this will certainly not help Kay Hagan or any other North Carolina Democrats who were against travel bans, some of whom are parsing their beliefs due to polls.

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3 Responses to “And Now We Have A Possible Ebola Case In North Carolina”

  1. Jeffery says:

    And Now We Have A Possible Ebola Case In North Carolina

    No, you have a person from Liberia, with no suspected exposure to Ebola, with a fever.

    Above all, panic.

    What’s the status of the person with a fever in Oregon?

  2. Did you read the headline at WRAL? Patient at Duke Hospital being monitored for possible Ebola

    ABC11 here in Raleigh: Patient at Duke University Hospital monitored for Ebola

    WNCN: Patient at Duke Hospital being monitored for Ebola, DHHS says

    So you’re getting on my ass for saying the same thing all 3 of the liberal TV stations are saying.

    Raleigh News and Observer: NC health officials monitoring recently arrived patient from Liberia for Ebola

    Have you ever actually read up on Ebola, and seen the number of times people have said “but I wasn’t exposed! I don’t know how I got it”?

    That is one of the reasons people are concerned. But, obviously, you care more about protecting Obama (do you have an alter to him?) than about doing the right thing and protecting Americans.

  3. John says:

    Get a grip on yourself. You are close to peeing in your pants

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