NY Times: To Solve Climate Change, The Economy Must Change

There are very few Believers in “climate change”, ie, the notion that every change in the weather and earth is caused mostly/solely by Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases, primarily CO2 (what they unscientifically call “carbon pollution”) from fossil fuels, who will admit that one of their primary goals is to change the economies of countries and the world into a far, far left Progressive/Socialist one. Naomi Klein is one of them. She’s been running around talking about her book, saying exactly that. Here’s another

(NY Times) The world needs binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions for all major economies. But to tackle climate change, we need to transform the global economy, and that’s something that no treaty can accomplish on its own. Each country needs to to address climate change on the domestic level for those policies to have an effect internationally.

That’s Warmist Scott Moore, making that statement as part of a NY Times Room For Debate segment on can we do without a global climate treaty?. Changing the economy is vital for Warmists, who, at heart, are Progressives, what Jonah Goldberg referred to as “nice fascists”. For instance, you refer back to this article on 5 takeaways from Naomi Klein’s book

(from #1)…Instead, Klein argues, we need to break free of market fundamentalism and implement long-term planning, strict regulation of business, more taxation, more government spending and reversals of privatization to return key infrastructure to public control.


5. Confronting climate change is an opportunity to address other social, economic and political issues.

In other words, pushing everything to the far left.

“When climate change deniers claim that global warming is a plot to redistribute wealth, it’s not (only) because they are paranoid. It’s also because they are paying attention.”

That’s a direct quote from Klein.

Perhaps the market forces would change if Warmists weren’t such massive consumers, users of fossil fuels, and didn’t have such huge carbon footprints.

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3 Responses to “NY Times: To Solve Climate Change, The Economy Must Change”

  1. John says:

    Conservatives whom I call ” bad fascists” are afraid of the future and want to live in the past
    Teach do you consider Israel to be fascist ? Because they believe in AGW?
    Is the US military also in this group along with the Pope and G W Bush ?

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  3. JorgXMcKie says:

    Liberals, whom I call “projectionists” because they project their beliefs onto non-liberals [not just conservatives] rather than listen to what they say and watch what they do [so much easier you know], want to turn the whole world into a kind of USSR because that so obviously solved so many problems like the environment.

    John, do you consider yourself and/or any other group totally capable of making all the choices for the rest of the world, or is that just posturing? And can you really read minds? Or do you just prefer to pretend to be able to?

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