Oklahoma Man Who Beheaded Woman Has Facebook Page Exactly What You’d Expect From An Islamist

By now you’ve heard of this

(AP) A man fired from an Oklahoma food processing plant beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official, police said Friday.

The FBI is looking into the background of Alton Moore, a recent convert to Islam, who went by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael. They should start with his Facebook page

(The Blaze) Alton Nolen, 30, the man suspected of beheading a woman and stabbing another co-worker in Moore, Oklahoma, reportedly goes by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael on his Facebook page, which appears to feature a group of Taliban fighters as a cover photo.

If reports that the Facebook page belongs to Nolen are accurate, it seems that Nolen had submersed himself in the Islamic faith as nearly all of his posts after April of 2013 are connected to Islam.

In one post, Nolen calls America and Israel “wicked” while criticizing the U.S. for not helping people in Gaza over Israel. Included in the post is an evil-looking picture of the Joker from the Batman series.

In another post featuring a photo of Pope Benedict, he wrote: “SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!”

And from the Daily Caller

He also posted images of Osama bin Laden and wrote in a caption on a photograph of the 9/11 attacks “A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8 She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She and anybody who’s with her.” He also referenced U.S. intervention in Iraq in a July 24 post, writing, “AMERICA SO CALL HELPS IRAQ (WHICH NOT)- WELL WHY CANT U HELP THE GAZA CITIZENS AGAINST ISRAEL…AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE WICKED. WAKE UP MUSLIMS!!!”

Now, if he had done this in the name of Christianity, or had Conservative leanings, liberals would blame all for these actions. Instead, we’re being told that this was just “workplace violence”, and nothing to do with Islam.

The Jawa Report notes that Nolan has a raft of problems, including hatred of women.

So the guy has problems other than Islam, but a bit mental and spontaneous Jihad are not mutually exclusive categories.

BTW, he was stopped after being shot by a Good Guy With A Gun.

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11 Responses to “Oklahoma Man Who Beheaded Woman Has Facebook Page Exactly What You’d Expect From An Islamist”

  1. John says:

    Well certainly Teach here in the USA more Christians. Do kill people because God told them to
    Than muslkms

  2. Steve says:

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    Would you consider a reciprocal link exchange with Common Cents??

    You can find us at http://www.commoncts.blogspot.com


  3. Jeffery says:

    Most violent crimes in America are committed by Christianists.

    When a wife is beaten, the perpetrator is likely to be a Christianist.

    When a child is sexually assaulted, the crime is likely committed by a Christianist.

    When your economy almost collapses from big bank shenanigans, yep, Christianists are responsible.

    Almost all of America’s problems are caused by people who believe in the Christianist God.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Since you think that Islamic extremist propaganda influenced the Oklahoma murderer, do you think that anti-Muslim propaganda (seen here and at the Gateway Pudendum) influences the hundreds of hate crimes each year (according to the FBI) against Muslims?

  5. gitarcarver says:


    i>Most violent crimes in America are committed by Christianists.

    We’ve been down this path before and you got your butt handed to you then.

    No of course, you won’t address the point of the post, but we’ve come to expect that from you as well.

    Since you think that Islamic extremist propaganda influenced the Oklahoma murderer,

    Given the overwhelming evidence that it did influence him, do you have any evidence to the contrary?

    Or are you addressing this by saying “look what other people may have done!”

  6. Jeffery says:

    Islam is no more to blame for this crazy Muslim’s actions any more than Christianity or the Conservative movement is to blame for crazy Christian Conservative Scott Roeder or the Westboro Baptist Church Christians.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    It is always amazing to see Jeffery, who worships himself and at the alter of AGW try to speak with authority on what other religions believe.

    But as to the Oklahoma beheading, apparently Jeffery knows more about the situation than the FBI who are looking into Nolen’s religious beliefs as a motive for the murder.

    Jeffery, do you think Nidal Malik Hasan’s killing spree was not motivated by Islam? That the murder of Brendan Tevlin by Ali Muhammad Brown had nothing to do with Islam?

  8. jay says:

    So when the FBI and the media say they don’t know whether Jah’Keem’s violent attack was motivated by his Islamic beliefs … they apparently have not read his Facebook page. Well this inspires me about the efficiency of law enforcement. “Well chief, apparently the suspect took out full-page ads in the New York Times and a 5-minute TV spot during the Superbowl in which he confessed to the crime, explained his motives, and identified all his accomplices. Maybe we should check on those.” “Nah, waste of time.”

  9. jay says:

    Let’s think carefully about the differences here. (a) While I don’t follow this site regularly, I haven’t noticed any calls for peaceful Muslims to be killed. Muslim propaganda routinely calls for the massacre of all Jews and Christians. (b) I did a web search for anti-Muslim hate crimes. I found a pretty mixed bag.

    One anti-Muslim hate crime listed was about someone tackling a Sikh to the ground and cutting off his hair, then running off without saying a word. Aside from little facts like: The only evidence that the crime was motivated by religious bigotry is a guess based on the nature of the crime and the fact that Sikhs wear long hair for religious reasons. How do you know the attacker didn’t hate hippies? Or that he just saw that the guy made a big deal about his hair. And the harm here was rather minimal. But the important point is: Sikh’s are not Muslims, by any possible stretch of the definitions.

    Another case was a woman ripping off a Muslim woman’s head scarf in a supermarket. Again, may or may not have been motivated by religious bigotry. And the harm is certainly minor.

    A store owned by an Arab-American was burglarized and robbed. Who says that was motivated by religion and not by simple greed?

    A couple of cases of people make anti-Muslim insults. Rude, but if that’s a hate crime, then as a Christian I’m the victim of a hate crime pretty much every day, as I regularly see anti-Christian comments on web forums.

    I’d like to see a breakout of those “hundreds” of anti-Muslim hate crimes. How many are actually a crazed mob beating a Muslim to death … and how many are that somebody made a rude comment to a Muslim, or that somebody robbed a Muslim without giving any indication that he even knew the person was Muslim or that he wouldn’t have been just as happy to rob a Jew or a Christian or an atheist?

  10. Kimo says:

    hey jefffery, your outnumbered, outclassed, and just plain obvious. You better pick a side, looks like you have picked the wrong side.

  11. Kimo says:

    And, jeff boy, how many women are beheaded by muslims? how many are beat to death? your a muslim, tell us..

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