MichelleFood: School kids Can’t Even Buy Tic Tacs

Thanks, Michelle

School nutrition experts in Nebraska are struggling to comply with new federal snack regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. (snip)

Zipay told KETV.com the new rules not only greatly reduce the available snack options schools can offer to students, they defy the concept of moderation that’s important for students to learn.

“I want kids to feel like they can have an apple one day and a Snicker’s bar the next. And that’s OK,” she said. “You cannot buy a Tic Tac in a Nebraska school, I checked.”

Meanwhile, Michelle and Barack fail to eat the same slop as school kids.

Make sure to see the photo used at the link.

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One Response to “MichelleFood: School kids Can’t Even Buy Tic Tacs”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Yes, more junk food in schools! No Tic Tacs is tyranny! Michelle Obama gets to eat whatever she wants!

    Selling junk food in school blossomed in the 80s and 90s. Previously, public schools had milk, entrees, vegetables and some desserts. It turned out to be a financial win-win for the schools and the junk food industry when they bought their way in. Evidence shows that kids are only a little fatter with ad libitum access to junk food at school, although they spend more. If you can enrich Coca-Cola and only add couple pounds a year of fat for kids, what’s the harm?

    Of course Frito Lay, Mars and Coke want continued access to a captive population of teens to sell their garbage (delicious though it is) to. By the way, EAG is a right-wing org pretending to be an education advocate.

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