ISIS Wannabe Don Morgan: I’m Not Radical, Just A Good Practicing Muslim

Have you heard the story of Don Morgan? He’s a guy from Salisbury, NC, who converted to Islam and then tried to join ISIS. He was in Lebanon for awhile, after being stopped in Turkey as he attempted to get into Syria, continued to write to ISIS and their leader, but, eventually ran out of money and returned to the US, where he was arrested at JFK on weapons charges. Well, NBC News interviewed him while he was in Lebanon, and runs a short expose on him. He makes some interesting statements

The factors that drove Morgan to embrace the ideology of the terror group responsible for beheading two American journalists and killing thousands in Syria and Iraq appear to be rooted in more than faith, based on the extensive conversation with Morgan himself and some of those who know him. Personal disappointments and desires and exposure to increasingly radical social media also contributed to Morgan’s actions.

Most crucial in Morgan’s case may have been the order and discipline that he says he found in practicing Islam –and in ISIS’s interpretation of the Muslim faith and its determination to spread it in the form of a caliphate.

“My reason for the support of ISIS is because they’ve proven time and time again to put Islamic law as the priority and the establishment of an Islamic state as the goal,” Morgan told NBC News.


But Morgan does not view himself as a terrorist. “I would not classify myself as a radical, but by western definition I would be classified as a radical,” he said. “I just consider myself to be a practicing Muslim.”

There are three issues surrounding Islam. First, you have the violent Islamists. These are groups like ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, and others, along with those single players who perform, or attempt to perform, acts of violence in the name of Allah.

The second, and in my opinion, more insidious and dangerous, are those who use non-violent means to insinuate Islam into culture, society, and government around the world, particularly here in the Western world. The use our laws, our constitutions and charters, our way of life, our rules, our norms, etc, against us. They stress multiculturalism and diversity, proclaim anything that exposes them and stops them as “Islamaphobia”, using the stances of Useful Idiots (liberals) to slowly take over, and too many Useful Idiots follow right along. This is how there are areas in the Western world where Muslims practice Sharia law rather than the law of the country. This is how citizens can be prosecuted for things like blasphemy against Allah, and prosecuted for daring to write a piece that is critical of Islam. This is why we are seeing more honor killings. “Radical” Islam is being taught in the mosques, madrassas, and Islamic centers. The United Nations has considered anti-blasphemy laws, which would only apply when someone insults Islam.

Some Islamic leaders push the more violent version while others push the “let’s take over softly” version. And this is where the 3rd leg of danger arrives: what of these “moderate Muslims”? What is in their minds? What do they believe? I know quite a few practicing Muslims. Very nice people. There are many who live in my area. But, there is always this little thought in the back of my mind of “what do they really think?” and “what are they being taught?” This is how we end up with Muslims like Don Morgan, who wanted to be a Mujahedin and join ISIS but just thinks of himself as a normal Muslim.

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3 Responses to “ISIS Wannabe Don Morgan: I’m Not Radical, Just A Good Practicing Muslim”

  1. John says:

    ISIS is a radical conservative organization

  2. SoCal Pir8 says:

    As long as ‘they’ read and practice what is in that book I don’t trust them no matter what they say, how ‘westernized’they are and how they act right now. When push comes to shove they WILL revert to what they’ve been taught their entire lives.

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