We’re Saved! Tom Steyer Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To See Tar Sands

A bit of a reminder, uber-rich guy Tom Steyer is a big opponent of Keystone XL, and a massive Warmist. He’s pledged $100 million for the Democrats to win in 2014 to fight “climate change”. Funny how certain 1%ers are OK with Dems, eh? Anyhow, Climate Progress notes what he’s up to

Of all the places in the world, the First Nations community of Fort Chip is not the first place one might envision a California billionaire. It is quite remote. The only thing visible from the settlement’s shore is lake Athabasca, rock solid and snow-covered, surrounded by coniferous trees. Getting there can only happen by plane, save two months a year when it is also accessible by ice road. It’s pretty cold, too.

But Steyer was there on business. Broadly, he was in Alberta to see the tar sands, the most integral ingredient of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that he famously opposes. Specifically, he was there to meet with First Nations leaders in Fort Chipewyan, who claim their community has been ravaged by tar sands pollution.

“They’re clearly being out-resourced,” Steyer said at this end of his two-day trip, which was organized by his political organization, NextGen Climate Action. NextGen invited ThinkProgress on the trip. (snip)

Because he has been so outspoken about Keystone XL’s proposed construction, Steyer also said he came to Fort McMurray to see tar sands development for himself — to understand how it really works. He began his trip with a drive around what his itinerary named the “tar sands loop,” focused on a monstrous refinery operated by SynCrude Canada Ltd. He drove around huge frozen lakes of mining and refining byproducts — “tailings ponds” — distinguishable from regular lakes only by orange scarecrows that prevent animals from touching the waste. He was guided by ACFN Chief Allan Adam, and Calgary-based ecologist Petr Komers.

I wonder, wow’d he get there?

He then chartered an 8-seater Cessna to fly over numerous refineries and mining sites, while Chief Adam described what each one did. During the flight, the enormous white smokestacks from SynCrude’s refinery were ever-present, reminiscent of Mordor’s Mount Doom.

Interesting. Love all the use of fossil fuels to fight against fossil fuels. And Warmists wonder why we call them hypocrites.

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