Rolling Stone Reports Obama Plans To Kill Keystone XL

This comes via Yid With Lid, who notes that the only question left is the timing of the announcement

(Rolling Stone) At the same time, the president is likely to announce his decision on the northern leg of the Keystone XL, the hugely controversial 1,179-mile-long pipeline that would bring tar-sands oil down from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. Although no final decision has been made, two high-level sources in the Obama administration told me recently that the president has all but decided to deny the permit for the pipeline – a dramatic move that would light up Democratic voters and donors while further provoking the wrath of Big Oil.

I’m always leery of anonymous sources, so we’ll have to see how this shakes out. Yid goes on to note that White House spokesman Matt Lehrich took to Twitter to say that no one knows what the president is thinking, but didn’t fully rebut the story.

Of course, this would all be about “climate change” and looking good to the unhinged Progressive base, regardless as to what it does to the economy. Keystone XL has become a silly rallying cry for the Warmists, despite there being many other pipeline projects, some bigger than KXL, being built.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post editorial board wrote that the continued delay is absurd.

IF FOOT-DRAGGING were a competitive sport, President Obama and his administration would be world champions for their performance in delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. (snip to the end)

The administration’s latest decision is not responsible; it is embarrassing. The United States continues to insult its Canadian allies by holding up what should have been a routine permitting decision amid a funhouse-mirror environmental debate that got way out of hand. The president should end this national psychodrama now, bow to reason, approve the pipeline and go do something more productive for the climate.

In between the two paragraphs the WP notes that the reviews have been done, KXL will have a negligible impact on both the environment and “climate change”, and that it should be built.

Rasmussen has a new poll that shows 61% of likely voters favor building the pipeline, up 4 points since the last poll in January. 62% think it will be good for the economy.

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2 Responses to “Rolling Stone Reports Obama Plans To Kill Keystone XL”

  1. John says:

    Teach that pipeline if built will mean higher prices for American consumers
    Right now that product can only be sold to Americans and we can demand a lower price
    If the pipeline us built the product can be sold to the world market at a higher price
    Who would you rather have to buy oil from the Canadians at a lower price ? Or Mideast at a higher price ?
    Are you more interested in helping American customers or the Koch Bros?

  2. jl says:

    The Koch brothers have nothing to do with Keystone. If you have any evidence that they have anything to do with Keystone, please show it. And as far as higher energy prices for American consumers, that’s exactly what Obama wants. John- you’re straying of the liberal plantation. And if you don’t like paying higher Mideast oil prices, why not open up more drilling areas here in the US, which would make us less reliant on their oil along with lowering the price? John, why aren’t you more interested in helping American consumers?

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