Like, Technology Can Totally Solve Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

USA Today tells us how technology can halt the weather

In the 1890s, New York City was swamped — not by a storm but something smellier, horse manure.

Horses, the primary mode of transportation, dropped more than a million pounds each day, causing a sanitation crisis. No one found a fix, and some estimated the streets would eventually be buried several feet deep.

Then, “shift happened,” says Harvard chemist Daniel Nocera. The automobile arrived, and almost overnight, it replaced horses and cleaned up the streets. Hailed as an environmental savior, it solved a seemingly insurmountable problem.

What a difference a century makes. Cars are now known contributors to the modern-day scourge of climate change. Their heat-trapping emissions have helped warm the planet beyond its natural variability. So sea levels have risen, and drought, heat waves and hurricanes have intensified — as USA TODAY explored in a year-long series, “Weathering the Change.”

“Scourge”. How, exactly, do they know it’s beyond the natural variability? The Modern Warm Period is not as warm as the previous warm periods during the Holocene.

As in the 1890s, society is once again looking for the Next Big Fix — whether high-altitude wind kites, “plug and play” nuclear reactors, giant synthetic trees to absorb carbon dioxide or sulfate aerosols to cool the planet. Next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two concepts will be on display: Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell car, which emits no greenhouse gases, and Ford’s hybrid, powered partly by renewable energy.

Yet will technology deliver this time? Or will inertia push the planet, already struggling with higher temperatures, to a cataclysmic breaking point?

Good grief, hysteria much? Anyway, here’s the difference: someone came up with a big idea for the automobile as an awesome idea, and wanted to make some money. They weren’t trying to be environmental saviors (and poop all over the streets was not an environmental issue, but a health issue. Poop, in case Warmists missed it, is natural). With Hotcoldwetdry, market forces are generally not driving any new tech, the wacko groups and government busy-bodies are. Often by legislation, regulation, and coercion.

Still, change is bubbling up. Dozens of states now require that a portion of their electricity come from renewable sources.

That’s what I mean: government requirements. Which, by the way, artificially increase the cost of living for citizens.

There’s not a lot of time to make changes, says climate scientist David Archer of the University of Chicago. He says research suggests dire changes could occur if the Earth warms 2 degrees Celsius (or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this century.

“We’re halfway there,” Archer says, adding the planet could reach that mark as soon as 2040 if carbon emissions continue their current climb. “This is just the fire alarm. This is not the fire,” he says, adding it will become costlier to cut emissions the closer the flames come.

More hysteria.

At some point someone will come up with a super awesome idea that actually works, because they want to make money. Right now, it’s all nags nagging away.

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7 Responses to “Like, Technology Can Totally Solve Hotcoldwetdry Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Still, change is bubbling up. Dozens of states now require that a portion of their electricity come from renewable sources.

    That’s what I mean: government requirements. Which, by the way, artificially increase the cost of living for citizens.

    It just so happens that I wrote about the effects of that choice by the good citizens of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Trouble is, those two small states don’t have a lot of land suitable for their renewable source power, and the result is that windmills are being erected in Maine instead. Of course, the Mainiacs are not all that thrilled with the sight of all of those windmills sullying their pristine vistas, any more than the Kennedys liked the idea of windmills that they could see from their “compound.”

  2. At one point I was totally behind the Cape Wind Project, and was annoyed that folks like Kennedy kept pushing it off.

    Funny thing is, when they actually started getting ready to build it, we found out the costs were much higher than they stated, the power output was much lower, and the cost of electricity would actually go up.

    Then you get the lower property values, and the health issues that are caused by being near wind turbines.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Read a Pew poll today. 8% of Evangelicals think evolution has occurred.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    In related news, Jeffypop breaks his New Year resolution of not saying anything ridiculous by posting an off topic, unrelated comment.

  5. Jeff demonstrates that always awesome liberal tolerance for other people’s opinions and religious beliefs.

    You can damned well bet he’d never denigrate Islamic beliefs.

    Anyhow, Jeffy gets the first facepalm of the year

  6. Dana says:

    If the Cape Wind project costs more than advertised, and will produce less sparktricity than claimed, I really don’t care, because it is a private development project. If the investors make a gazillion dollars, good for them; if they lose money, well, it’s their money to lose.

  7. jl says:

    “8% of Evangelicals think evolution has occurred.” Really? Well, it seems 99% or so of Liberals think man-made global warming is real. So, 99 beats 8. You guys win for being dumber.

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