“Global Warming Held Responsible for cause of Climate Change”

Um, wait, what? That’s an actual headline at the French Tribune

Climate change has been an issue of concern from past many years across the whole of globe. It is basically caused by an increase in level of global warming, which is further caused by burning of fuels and many more.

Rae Jensan has been noticing changes in weather conditions from past 30 years and has been calling Vail Valley home since then. She remembers of the summers in 1980s, when Vail has crossed a record on 88 degrees and Avon on 92 degrees.

She said that she has been complaining regarding intense hot temperatures. She considers climate change as well as the forests as the culprit, which has caused widespread destruction of pine trees. According to her, unusual weather patterns in early winters and early summers are the only factors responsible for changes in climatic conditions.

“I am baffled by people who don’t believe that climate change has to be affected by the population of humans and industrialization”, said Jensan. According to the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of 2010, about 97% of climate researchers believe that green house gases are warming the earth.

Most of the climate change skeptics believe faulty weather conditions are only responsible for cause of global warming.

I’m wondering if this is just a bad French to English translation, or if this is just more insane ramblings from a member of the Cult Of Manbearpig? I’m not seeing the same insane writing in the other articles.

Anyhow, this is cute, blaming climate change on global warming. Extremely circular logic. But, then, these are the same wankers who blame cold, snow, and ice on mankind driving fossil fueled vehicles which put out greenhouse gases.

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