Poll: Americans Sour Further On State Of Country

Hey, this is what you Democrats voted for

(CNN) Americans views on the state of the nation are turning increasingly sour, according to a new national poll.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Friday also indicates that less than a quarter of the public says that economic conditions are improving, while nearly four in ten say the nation’s economy is getting worse.

Forty-one percent of those questioned in the poll say things are going well in the country today, down nine percentage points from April, and the lowest that number has been in CNN polling since February 2012. Fifty-nine percent say things are going badly, up nine points from April.

Who could have predicted the economy would be a mess with Obama in charge?

Looking specifically at the economy, 39% feel the economy is still in a downturn, up six points from April. Only 24% believe that an economic recovery is under way. Thirty-six percent are in the middle — they don’t think we’re in a recovery but they believe conditions have stabilized.

CNN does the best to spin this all away as partisan and regional divides, but this is just more bad news for President Carter, er, Obama. The breakdown is 31% Democrat, 23% Republican, 46% Independent.

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5 Responses to “Poll: Americans Sour Further On State Of Country”

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    Who could have predicted the economy would be a mess with Obama in charge?

    48-49% of us!

  2. Jeffery says:

    Most Americans are wrong about the economy, as it is getting slowly better, but they are correct if they think the economy could be much better. They are correct if the think unemployment is too high. Why isn’t the economy better? It’s pretty simple. We had an extensive housing bubble that had created apparent wealth in 10s of millions of Americans, who used their newfound wealth and fiscal confidence to consume. Consumer spending drives some two-thirds of our economy. When the housing bubble burst, and the Wall Street banks that had made trillions began to fail, consumers reduced spending. Our political class made the bankers whole and left the homeowners to twist in the wind. We lost a couple of trillion in consumer demand and there has been no bubble or government spending to replace it. In fact, we should be surprised the US economy is doing as well as it is, given the sequester. We did make a half-assed attempt with the various stimulus programs, which were not extensive enough, but we did avoid the type of double and triple dip recessions seen in Europe who went full-austerity.

    In addition, our tax, trade, regulatory and immigration policies have favored the wealthy over the working classes always, but more unfairly so since the conservative takeover of government around 1980. What gains we have had in the economy have gone to the narrow slice of the wealthiest Americans while working class wages have stagnated. Conservative policies, with help from Democrats, have harmed the working classes – both liberals and conservatives alike.

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  4. OverStuffed_Gumballs says:

    Most Americans are wrong about the economy, as it is getting slowly better,

    I can’t even believe you J said that. I only thought that only something that convoluted, illogical, and completely incoherent could come out of Obama’s mouth.

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