Poor Countries Have Snit Fit, Walk Out Of COP19 Over Wanting More Money

Gee, it’s like all these “developing nations” just want cash

(Guardian) Representatives of most of the world’s poor countries have walked out of increasingly fractious climate negotiations after the EU, Australia, the US and other developed countries insisted that the question of who should pay compensation for extreme climate events be discussed only after 2015.

The orchestrated move by the G77 and China bloc of 132 countries came during talks about “loss and damage” – how countries should respond to climate impacts that are difficult or impossible to adapt to, such as typhoon Haiyan. (snip)

Developing countries have demanded that a new UN institution be set up to oversee compensation but rich countries have been dismissive, blocking calls for a full debate in the climate talks.

Essentially, all these 3rd World Shitholes developing nations just want more free cash and loans that will never be repaid, and are using “climate change” to attempt to get it.

Meanwhile, the EU is planning on spending 20% of its budget on “climate change”, having solved all the other problems, such as weak economies, high unemployment, rampant violence by Muslim immigrants, etc.

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One Response to “Poor Countries Have Snit Fit, Walk Out Of COP19 Over Wanting More Money”

  1. Blick says:

    If a country can afford the luxury of sending represenatives to a climate change confrence, they are not poor, just greedy.

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