Uh Oh: Politico’s Roger Simon Proves Bush Didn’t Lie About Iraq War

Uber-liberal opinion writer Roger Simon, not to be confused with Conservative writer Roger L. Simon at Pajamas Media, has a pithy little piece entitled President Obama: Lying liar or media target? and makes a little mistake, which destroys the moonbat arguement that Bush lied, people died

The reviews are in, and Obamacare is a disaster. No, it is worse than that. Obamacare is a debacle, a shambles, a wreck, a fiasco, a flop, a failure and a farce.

To the media, Obamacare is such a catastrophe that mere words cannot describe it. Only comparisons can.

So Obamacare is Hurricane Katrina (The New York Times), the Iraq War (“Meet the Press”), Watergate (Bill Kristol) and “the worst thing since slavery” (Dr. Ben Carson, a columnist and Fox News contributor).

Bush didn’t make Katrina happen. It was a natural disaster, made worse because the Democrats in charge of the state and New Orleans where incompetent. Bush begged Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco to declare an emergency. Not that Bush’s FEMA director was competent, either. Interestingly, the GOP run states affected, like Mississippi, didn’t have the same issues. Yes, the Iraq War had issues. Bush worked hard to turn them around. Watergate? Perhaps. Worst thing since slavery? Might be a bit overblown in terms of rhetoric

Some people who believe Obama has never told the truth about anything (including where he was born) are now wobbly with shock that he “lied” about Obamacare.

A lie, however, is an intentionally false statement. An unforgivable screw-up may be unforgivable and a screw-up, but it is different than a lie.

Presidents do lie. “I am not a crook” was a lie told by Richard Nixon.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” was a lie told by Bill Clinton.

“If you like your plan, you can keep it” is a lie only if Obama intended to deceive. (But how did he intend to get away with it?)

The lefty meme was that Bush lied about the WMD in Iraq. Virtually everybody thought Saddam had WMD. Dem politicians, US and international intelligence agencies, the UN weapons inspectors, President Clinton and all those who passed the Iraqi Liberation Act. John Kerry and John Edwards, before they decided to make it up for their 2004 presidential run. Bush was told they had them. His 2003 State of the Union was about denying Iraq WMD. And they did have some that we found, mostly low grade stuff like irradiated items from the leftover uranium from the blow’d up Osirak plant, mustard gas, and chlorine. So, Bush thought, based on what everyone told him, that Iraq had WMD.

Therefore, according to Simon, Bush did not lie.

As for Obama, Simon never really tries to see if Obama lied or not. He goes soft with this

In a news conference last week, Obama said: “With respect to the pledge I made that if you like your plan, you can keep it, I think — and I’ve said in interviews — that there is no doubt that the way I put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. It was not because of my intention not to deliver on that commitment and that promise.”

Translation: I wasn’t accurate, but I didn’t lie.

But, Obama did know beforehand that it was a lie. He certainly knew that it was a lie regarding keeping your doctor and families saving up to $2500 a year on premiums. Hence, this was an actual lie. Premeditated. That’s why many fact checkers, including Glenn Kessler, found that he had lied. And why many are now calling Obamacare a fraud (I think I beat the pundits to their weekend talking points). Possibly criminal fraud. There was an intention to “mislead”, which harms other people and helps Obama (and his Party).

Anyway, thanks, Roger, for vindicating President Bush from the silly Liberal talking point.

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