It’s One Blow After Another To ObamaCare

Politico finally notices that Obamacare is a train wreck. Of course, said train wreck is based on a throwaway line the Obama campaign came up with on the spur of the moment because Obama knew nothing about healthcare prior to attending a campaign event. This follows on the heals of the Washington Post noticing that the Exchanges aren’t ready for 3am TV, much less prime-time. And the NY Times notices that Obamacare is going to mean fewer healthcare choices and crummier care. Fortunately, The Politico Knows Who To Blame

Obamacare: One blow after another

The Obamacare that consumers will finally be able to sign up for next week is a long way from the health plan President Barack Obama first pitched to the nation.

Millions of low-income Americans won’t receive coverage. Many workers at small businesses won’t get a choice of insurance plans right away. Large employers won’t need to provide insurance for another year. Far more states than expected won’t run their own insurance marketplaces. And a growing number of workers won’t get to keep their employer-provided coverage.

Every branch of the federal government played a role in weakening the law over the past three years, the casualty of a divisive legislative fight, a surprise Supreme Court ruling, a complex implementation and an unrelenting political opposition. The result has been a stark gap between the promise of Obamacare and the reality — one that has fueled a deep vein of skepticism about the law as it enters its most critical phase.

So, the cheerleaders at the Politico won’t blame the law itself? The one that’s going to leave 500K kids without coverage? The one that is already causing doctor rationing in California? The one where premiums are skyrocketing? The one causing company after company after company to drop coverage and/or reduce employee hours? The one in which Congress is exempted from?

But only 16 states and the District of Columbia decided to take the lead. Six others are partnering with the federal government. The federal government will run insurance exchanges by itself in the other 28 states.

And the federal government isn’t ready to run the exchanges for the start on October 1st. Insurers are dropping out of the exchanges in droves. Obamacare is one of the main reasons the economy has stagnated. And, since the employer mandate has illegally been extended to 2015, after the 2014 mid-terms, many of the employer based issues will not hit till late in 2014.

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13 Responses to “It’s One Blow After Another To ObamaCare”

  1. UncleDan says:

    This is the Limbaugh Theorem in effect: It’s NEVER Obama’s fault. He had nothing to do with it. It’s the fault of everyone else. Obama’s doing the best he can. If only we would give him a chance – maybe even a third term.

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  7. Jeffery says:

    Aren’t the insurance exchanges a way for savvy consumers to compare the products from a number of private insurance companies? Isn’t this a free-market solution to a significant societal problem?

    When you combine the total expenses for healthcare (taxes, premiums, copays, drugs etc), we pay twice as much as other advanced nations for healthcare, amounting to about a $1 trillion/yr “tax” on citizens with most of that extra money going to the wealthiest among us (including me, thank you citizens!). Insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies (that’s me, thanks again!), lawyers, patent agents, doctors and MBAs are making out like bandits! And we all pay more than market price to support them!

    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland S. Korea, etc all pay around 1/2 what we pay. And they all have more highly rated healthcare systems than we do. And they all cover almost all their citizens. For much less.

    Progressives have tried to fix our healthcare system for decades and conservatives and their true constituency (the rich) have blocked every attempt. The result is the broken system we have now where nearly 50 cents of every healthcare dollar is someone’s profit.

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