Former U.N. High Commissioner For Human Rights Says All Fossil Fuels Need To Be Left In Ground

East for Mary Robinson to say, considering he whole political career has been made possible by fossil fueled travel, but now she wants to deny people in 3rd world nations (and everyone else) the same 1st world benefits

(UPI) Governments must leave fossil fuel reserves in the ground unburned and unexploited to really protect the planet, a senior diplomat from Ireland said Monday.

Mary Robinson, a former Irish president and U.N. high commissioner for human rights, is leading a new international push that has a goal of breaking the climate talks stalemate and countering climate change skeptics, The Guardian reported.

Robinson said world governments must get used to the idea of leaving fossil fuels alone so emissions don’t threaten the climate in advance of the report to be unveiled Friday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Mary’s become quite the Warmist over the years, even establishing the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice. And taking all sorts of fossil fueled trips. As part of The Elders she took a trip to The Great Lakes (the African ones) just this month. Anyone think she walked there? Or is your bet on “private fossil fueled airplane followed by huge armored SUVs”?

Why not Tweet her through her foundation, ask if she’ll pledge to give up her own fossil fueled travel.

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