Good Grief: Warmist Add People To Climate Change Map

This unhinged Warmist story brings to the forefront one of things I hate about Warmists

(CSMonitor) A new map adds a new variable to assessments of the regional impact of climate change: people.

In making the new map, published this week in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change, a team of scientists have factored humans’ modifications to their environment into a new calculation of the relative threats that climate change poses to the world’s different regions.

These alterations to the world’s landscapes – seen in burgeoning cities, industrial centers, and farmland – have already weakened certain regional ecosystems, putting them at a disadvantage as manmade changes to the global climate begin to tax the planet. In plotting which of the world’s ecosystems have already been pummeled with human development, the team says the map could help conservationists make difficult calls about where to funnel finite resources.

Let’s be real for a moment: Mankind does change the real environment, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes really bad. The ecosystems are something we should be concerned with (funny how Liberals love them some Big Cities, which aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, eh? There are certainly real environmental issues to be concerned with, yet these morons take the mostly fake issue of anthropogenic global warming, ie “climate change”, and overshadow those real environmental issues. I’m not concerned with the fate of, say, the Everglades because of “climate change”, but due to pollutants like pesticides, habitat destruction, destruction of wildlife. Warmists really do not care about the environment, they care about instituting far left Progressive policies.

Oh, and what do these morons want Mankind to do, demolish all our works and live like it’s 10,000 B.C.?

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One Response to “Good Grief: Warmist Add People To Climate Change Map”

  1. Blowin'_Up_Gumballs says:

    Yeah, see, humans are evil and bad for mamma GAIA. All these idiots want is to get rid of humans, but only those evil humans who do not follow their own way of life. For their life is good. They are the good humans. They know best. They know best which humans are worthy of living.

    Funny though, their list of good humans don’t seem all that different from that list of evil GAIA hating humans.

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