California Church Given $5000 In Taxpayer Money To Push Carbon Exchange

Funny how the liberal trope of “separation of Church and State” disappears when left wing politics are in play, wouldn’t you say?

(Santa Monica Mirror) A local church hopes to make climate change easier to understand for people in and out of Santa Monica. With a little financial help from the City Council, the Church in Ocean Park might be taking one step closer to its goals.

At the request of Mayor Pro Tem Terry O’Day and Council members Ted Vazquez and Ted Winterer, Santa Monica’s elected panel approved a $5,000 allocation to the Church in Ocean Park last Tuesday to support its “California Climate Change Exchange,” or CCCX.

“It is an education program that broadens our understanding of climate change,” O’Day said.

Anyone want to take bets on whether they will provide a balanced view? The prices on the California carbon market collapsed (like they have around the world) and they’ve actually had to postpone/cancel auctions because so few companies were willing to purchase the carbon permits.

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2 Responses to “California Church Given $5000 In Taxpayer Money To Push Carbon Exchange”

  1. Aggrieved_Balls_of_Gum says:

    OH HELL NO!!!
    HEY’LL NO!!

    Why is it that socialist dems can get away with violating our laws, rules, regulations?

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Because the USA is no longer a country with the rule of Law it is now ‘The rule of man”. One of the reasons for so many laws and regulations is to make sure EVERYONE is a ‘Law Breaker” Then you can use favoritism to pick and choose who gets a pat on the head and who goes to jail.

    I have had several thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen including two semi trucks. I know who four of the thieves are and have witnesses and evidence. I couldn’t get anywhere with the police or DA. But let one of the politicians pet activists accuse me (without cause) of animal abuse and the gestapo shows up!

    NOTE: An actual video of animal abuse by one of the thieves got no where.

    Here’s a clue: Register Democrat if you want the police and DA to actually enforce the law for you. Otherwise forget it. It ain’t gonna happen.

    I am not the only one who has noticed the favoritism:

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