Heat Pumps, Insulation Now Considered Bad For “Climate Change”, And Must Be Regulated By Government

You’ve probably read about air conditioning being deemed Bad for Hotcoldwetdry, at least in how it applies to Other People who live in 3rd World Shitholes Developing Nations wanting it. I’ve probably mentioned at some point that refrigerators are also Bad, but mostly I note that the ice maker in your fridge is Bad, just for the silliness factor. But, it gets even funnier, as now even insulation and heat pumps (often used with air conditioning, fridges, and pools) are Bad For “Climate Change”

Explained in 90 seconds: Your fridge is accelerating climate change — but it doesn’t have to

The outward statecraft of the recent G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, was dominated by disagreements over Syria. But behind the scenes, leaders were busy agreeing on something they rarely find common ground on: climate change. Thirty-five nations and the European Union decided to curb hydrofluorocarbons, a set of powerful heat-trapping gases used in refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, and insulation. This follows a deal earlier this year between China and the United States, in which President Obama and President Xi agreed to limit these greenhouse gases.

Warmists/Enviroweenies have already managed to get CFCs banned because of the supposed damage to the ozone layer, now they want HFCs banned, without any real replacement, other than living like it’s 1492, to stop the global temperature from virtually flatlining for over 15 years rising dozens of degrees by 2100.

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One Response to “Heat Pumps, Insulation Now Considered Bad For “Climate Change”, And Must Be Regulated By Government”

  1. Don't_Spy_On_My_Gumballs says:

    so, they not even phrasing the phase out in terms of all the bad things HFC may be in? They’ll say all the good things?

    We’ve already lost a good coolant for our cars and home refrigerators, and it costs us more to cool now.

    So, now they want to force companies to raise their prices to citizens as well. Either in home building costs, upgrading appliance costs, big business costs….

    Thanks you bleeding liberals for making this country suck by destroying it.

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