I Didn’t Realize AIDS Was Caused By Globull Warming

No, really. Some Warmaweenies are proclaiming that “climate change”, ie, you driving your fossil fueled vehicle (not me, of course) is causing all sorts of diseases to make the blood supply bad, because disease, like, say, the Black Plague which killed around 75 million people during the Little Ice Age period, never happened before the combustion engine, and mosquitoes which could carry disease suddenly popped into existence in 1980 (via Junk Science)

(E&E News) A whole new set of ungovernable pathogens are being loosed on the world’s blood supplies. A warming climate has allowed blood-borne tropical diseases to flourish where once they were unheard of, and they’re getting around.

The state of blood supplies became worrisome after tennis star Arthur Ashe’s death from AIDS 20 years ago in 1993 — the result of an HIV-tainted transfusion administered during a routine heart bypass operation in the late 1980s.

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4 Responses to “I Didn’t Realize AIDS Was Caused By Globull Warming”

  1. Scared_Of_My_Gumballs says:

    A whole new set of ungovernable pathogens are being loosed on the world’s blood supplies

    ummmmmmmm…… right. Then why haven’t we heard about it?

    And, as before, when we started testing for diseases and bacterial infections to make sure our blood supply is clean, we’ll do so again for any possible “NEW” pathogens that get created due to a 1C increase in 100 years.

    Is this author really saying that a warming world has caused a person’s blood to warm to point where “NEW” pathogens are created?? New dangerous pathogens that are created but don’t kill the many hosts to the point that it gets in to our blood supply?

    It couldn’t be that we are now more widespread, our technology is increasing and expanding, and we know more about biology and processes, is it?

  2. Trish Mac says:

    The preposterousness is astounding. Not sure whether I think the statement itself or the fact that some people will nod their heads and believe it as fact is more worry-some.

  3. Scared_Of_My_Gumball says:

    I’m not amazed or astounded any more. I’m saddened. Remember, more than half of the voters in 2012 re-voted for Obama despite his keeping us in economic disaster and for not keeping any of his promises. it was bad enough they voted for him the first time, but the second time?

    The loss of morals, common sense, and critical thinking in this once great country is what is worrisome to me. That’s something you can’t get back easily. usually takes bloodshed. At least history has shown so.

  4. Trish Mac says:

    Yikes, bloodshed seems harsh, but you are more than likely correct!