NASA Offers Hyperventilating Graphic To Prove Your Car Is Evil

And so are you for driving it. Here’s The Washington Post’s hyper-Warmist Jason Samenow (via Junk Science)

Global warming in one unmistakably compelling chart

If you have any doubt the balance of the globe has warmed over the last century, view this chart:

Produced by NASA, the chart illustrates how temperatures have compared to “normal” (or the 1951-1980 average) from 1880 to present, from pole to pole (-90 latitude to 90 latitude).

What I see is a few things. First, how are the temps shown during the 1951-1980 period, supposed the “average”, warmer than the time period considered average? Second, we already know from actual data that the time period that Warmists use as a baseline for “average”, of which there is no such thing on Earth, was one of flat if not cooling temperatures. Remember how climatologists were very concerned about a coming ice age right up to the end of the 1970’s?

Third, isn’t this exactly what we would expect during a warm period which follows a cool period which followed a warm period which followed a cool period etc. all the way back over at least the last 7,000 years during the Holocene? Yes. Yes it is.

Also, it’s not like NASA (or any other Warmist leaning organization, say, the NCDC) has been caught manipulating data before.

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2 Responses to “NASA Offers Hyperventilating Graphic To Prove Your Car Is Evil”

  1. blick says:

    You have to wonder how the Astronauts feel about orbiting the earth while their Agency is manipulating data back home. Puts a dent in the confidence of the caluclations to get them home.

  2. Scared_Of_My_Gumballs says:

    Especially when it has been confirmed several times in the deaths of dozens of astronauts that NASA refuses to accept that they can be wrong. THey’ll see evidence that what they are doing will lead to explosions or death, but they refuse to change until explosions happen.

    Good question Teach, why is 1951 to 1980 chosen? Why not 1920-1970? Why not 1900-1910? Why not 1990-2012?

    Arbitrarily selecting an average, means their graphs are meaningless.

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