Watcha Reading?

Finished up Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf by one of my favorite authors, Mark Tufo. Super awesome, as usual. Now I’m jonesing for the sequel. Want now!!!!!

I also mentioned I wanted to read Casino Infernale by Simon Green but wouldn’t pay $12.99 for it. Managed to get it from the library (Wake County has an incredible library system. Hey, government does do some things well). Not as good as his usual ones, but, then, his books are so good that it can be tough to keep it kicked up to 10. It was a quick read, but glad I didn’t spend the money on it. Still worth the read if you’re a Simon Green fan.

Ah, but if you think that’s the end of reading during the week (I was mostly done with Lycan Fallout at time of posting last Sunday), no! I also read Dead Drunk: Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse….One Beer At A Time by Richard Johnson. I picked it up when it was free, it’s now $4.99. It would be worth it if you like zombie books. Fun characters with lots of flaws and lots of alcohol. Fart and poop jokes. Think about what would happen if you were stuck with a bunch of friends during the zombie apocalypse. And it would be worse with a bunch of guys stuck together. With alcohol. Little food but tins of cat food. Hopefully there will be a follow up.

Aaaaaaand, yes, another book: Zombie Maelstrom by Bryan Cassiday. The 3rd book in the series, Sanctuary in Steel was free, but had to get the 1st to get it all going. So far so good. I like the way it progresses and though the character development is light, it has that “this can happen feel”.

Also, as I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, I’ve also been slowly reading The Mad, Mad, Mad World Of Climatism. I finally finished it, and will provide a longer review/synopsis on my next day off, so as not to rush it, but, let me say that this should be the one book that every Warmist, and those on the fences, should read. Heck, even if you do not buy into “climate change”, you should read it. The facts and figures, along with the history, of “climate change” is put in an excellent format that anyone can easily understand. I should finish it this week, not that much left. You should buy it.

Unfortunately, didn’t find time to do a good review of it, off Thursday and Friday, spent the days at the beach. Hence, one of the reasons I read so much.

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4 Responses to “Watcha Reading?”

  1. Richard Johnson says:

    Thanks for reading “Dead Drunk.” I’m glad you liked it! And thanks for spreading the word. I need reviews on amazon if anyone liked it and has a spare minute. I will owe them a “pale horse ale” for sure.

    Richard Johnson

  2. It was my pleasure, Richard, I really enjoyed it. Well written and entertaining. I liked the way so much of the beginning was not about zombies, but just some guys going out for a bachelor party and what happened, just another crazy night, then boom! zombies!

    Looking forward to your next book.

  3. Richard Johnson says:

    Thanks! That was pretty much what I was aiming for. Might be a while on the sequel since I’m a stay at home dad of twin boys now. Still working on it though. And again, if I could beg you to do a review on amazon (what you just wrote here is great) I would owe you big. Have gotten a few stinkers since the free promo.

    Richard Johnson

  4. Richard Johnson says:

    Got it. Thanks so much!

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