Weekly Address: We Need To Give Amnesty Because (Mumble Garble)

Has anyone ever given a real reason to legalize the illegals that isn’t a strawman or based on feelings? Don’t expect Obama to be the first

(White House) Hi everybody.  Right now, the United States Senate is debating a bipartisan, commonsense bill that would be an important step toward fixing our broken immigration system.

The only thing that’s broken is the way our government fails to properly enforce the existing law.

It’s a bill that would continue to strengthen security at our borders, and hold employers more accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers, so they won’t have an unfair advantage over businesses that follow the law.

We already have Everify. And what does that matter if we’re giving them all legalized status immediately? As far as the borders go, we all know they will be mostly ignored no matter what the bill says. We aren’t stupid. We’ve been talking about this since the last amnesty in 1986.

It’s a bill that would modernize the legal immigration system so that, as we train American workers for the jobs of tomorrow, we’re also attracting the highly skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who grow our economy for everyone.

We already attract foreign workers. This isn’t new. However, we’ll be added tens of millions of workers while Americans suffer through the terrible Obameconomy, with a record number of people dropping out of the workforce in despair, with people sitting on unemployment for record time, and seeing it run out. With it being an employers market, which reduces worker bargaining power, and therefore wages.

O goes on to describe a bunch of studies that supposedly say things will be great. None of us most of us aren’t stupid.

Because with this bill, millions of additional people will start paying more in taxes for things like Social Security and education.  That’ll make the economy fairer for middle-class families.

Except the majority aren’t middle class workers, but unskilled low wage workers who will be in the tax bracket which has a net zero federal liability and will surely get lots of money back from their federal tax returns. And, regardless of how the bill turns out, will be given federal benefits.

So that’s what comprehensive immigration reform looks like.  Stronger enforcement.  A smarter legal immigration system.  A pathway to earned citizenship.  A more vibrant, growing economy that’s fairer on the middle class.  And a more stable fiscal future for our kids.

Still waiting for a reason as to why we should legalize them, followed by citizenship.

We can do this, because we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants; a place enriched by the contributions of people from all over the world, and stronger for it.  That’s been the story of America from the start.  Let’s keep it going.  Thanks, and have a great weekend.

If we were a nation of laws, we wouldn’t be talking about giving amnesty. We’d be doing all we could to stop them from coming illegally, from overstaying their visas, kicking them out and getting them to leave. I almost want to say “yeah, let’s just pass this legislation” just so that Conservatives can say “we told you so! We told you that the security measures will be mostly blown off, that they won’t really have to pay fines, that they will get federal benefits quickly, and that Democrats will immediately agitate to naturalize them without fees so they can be new Democrat voters who’ll immediately bring in up to 17 million more low wage and unskilled workers, so of whom will immediately be on Welfare, Social Security, and/or Medicaid.”

I’d like to see someone give me the reason we should do this based on something other than feelings and BS arguments.

BTW, what is the GOP weekly address? It’s Rep John Kline, talking about….student loans? Really? Seriously? That’s it?

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