Hooray! Corker-Hoeven Bans Any Profiling, Plus Other Passages

Make sure to keep an eye on Senator David Vitter’s Twitter feed as he reads through the bill. I was just blowing threw it, popping back and forth, and found this little nugget on page 671

7 (a) PROHIBITION.—In making routine or spontaneous law enforcement decisions, such as ordinary traffic stops, Federal law enforcement officers may not use race or ethnicity to any degree, except that officers may rely on race and ethnicity if a specific suspect description exists.

There are some exemptions, via the “if specific suspect description exists”. Someone, I don’t thing “hey, there’s 10 Hispanics driving around with no ID and none speak English” will be allowed.

Further lines require reports be collected to make sure no profiling is done, and guidelines be established to make sure no profiling be done.

On page 683-685, it gives the Secretary of DHS the ability to decide who is a stateless person/group to and grant them provisional status despite them being inadmissible to the US or being deportable. And their kids and family. This can act into the “climate refugees”, as well as following pages about “refugees”.

Page 750 starts out blocking all illegals with gang affiliations from earning legal status….oops, SecDHS can waive if the person “renounces” gang affiliation, page 751 starting line 24.

Page 754, habitual drunk drivers (3 or more convictions) aren’t eligible, and, for a change, SecDHS can’t waive. This only applies IF at least 1 conviction comes after the amnesty bill is passed. So, they could have 10 prior, none after, and would be eligible.

Page 756 allows no waivers whatsoever for child sexual offenders. Of course, we’d still have them stuck in our country and jails, paying for them, the child is raped or dead, and the illegal shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

OK, I’ll stop there, getting worked up, and it’s drinking time.

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