House Approves Enforcement Based Illegal Immigration Plan

While passage of an, for all intense purposes, amnesty bill with barely any border or other security (it’s a plan that requires creating a plan) will pass the Senate, with 4-6 Republicans voting for this mess, the Republican controlled House may take a different approach, and pass piecemeal legislation to deal with immigration and security

(The Hill) The House Judiciary Committee late Tuesday approved its first immigration bill, advancing on a party-line vote a proposal to boost interior enforcement and border security.

After a day-long mark-up, the Republican-led panel cleared the SAFE Act on a 20-15 vote shortly before 11 p.m. It is one of several bills that Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) says the committee plans to send to the House floor in the coming weeks.

“The SAFE Act maintains the integrity of our immigration system by granting states and local governments the authority to enforce federal immigration laws,” Goodlatte said in a statement after the vote. “The bill also strengthens national security and protects our communities from those who wish to cause us harm.”

“While more work has yet to be done, today’s approval of the SAFE Act brings us one step closer to solving the immigration puzzle,” he added. “We have, and will continue, to take a step by step approach to immigration reform, thoroughly examining each piece in detail and working to find consensus on the other issues we need to fix.”

What’s amazing is that it would take a law to allow States to enforce existing. That’s what happens when you have an administration and its DOJ which sues and does what they can to stop states from enforcing the existing law. The SAFE act stands for Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act . In reality, which The Hill fails to mention, is that the SAFE act would allow states to enforce their own immigration laws, which would make ones like Arizona’s 1070B legal.

Obviously, Democrats are upset by this. They do not want any illegals targeted, “racially profiled”, as they put it, that aren’t criminals. I wonder if any intrepid reporter could ask these Dems how we would know that they have no criminal background (other than blowing of our sovereignty laws and living in the US unlawfully, of course) without catching them. SAFE is also a measure that attempts to get illegals to self deport.

It now looks like Speaker Boehner is going to side with the GOP in terms of stopping the Senate amnesty bill. I suspect he was just playing coy during this process, seeing how it shakes out. He will probably allow a quick vote on it, knowing it will go down in flames in the House. Over in the Senate, Marco Rubio (D-Fla) and 4 of his RINO comrades voted against the Thune amendment, which would have required that the border fence be finished. What’s just as amazing is that Thune needed to file an amendment to force the government to finish the job which previous federal law already required.

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3 Responses to “House Approves Enforcement Based Illegal Immigration Plan”

  1. john says:

    States already have a mechanism, they could easily choose to prosecute companies that employ anyone without proper documentation.
    In the 1930s American Jews blamed right wing conservatives for not helping European Jews survive. American Jews still have neither forgotten nor forgiven them for that. The same thing will happen if the House fails. The GOP will end up solely as the party of old white men.

  2. Arizona and a few other states passed laws to do that, and the highly politicized DOJ sued to stop them, chump.

    And don’t even pull that shit with me on the Jews, john, since you’re full of shit, and it’s your party that wants to see them wiped out in Israel.

    BTW, it was a Democratic president who ignored their plight right up to the end. So fuck you with this.

  3. Corrupted_Gumballs says:

    johnny once again shows his true basement-dwelling troll colors.

    I too find it odd that we have to pass laws to do what other laws state we must do. And, we have to pass laws to allow states to do what is inherent in state’s rights. I find it rather odd, that DOJ refuses too allow states to control illegal immigration, yet allows California to set up road blocks ostensibly to monitor fly immigration.

    If AZ is not legal to block travel, then how is CA allowed to?

    Try driving through their road blocks. Feel the harassment when you declare sovereign rights as a Citizen to not be hindered in your travel.

    This country is messed up.

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