Oh Sh*t, Wasps!!!!

So, get home, have to get everything off the porch so it can be powerwashed and sealed one day next week (property manager for the townhome area didn’t say which day, got most of it off, picked up the grill cover and…

Well, they felt that big to me. Little fuckers chased me down the stairs to the grass and at least 40-50 feet away. Neighbors probably got a good show, what we me dancing around like a fool waving my hat at the little bastards, who tagged me once on each leg. Fucker go me reeeeeal good on the right calf, stings like a sumabich.

Well, good thing my mother didn’t attempt to put the cover on the grill Sunday night when the parents were down, she’s allergic as hell to bees.

Hmm, doesn’t look like I have a “fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!” category. Oh, well.

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4 Responses to “Oh Sh*t, Wasps!!!!”

  1. Swollen_Gumballs says:

    Were they wasps or hornets?

    Be glad they weren’t the Massive Japanese Wasps that are like 4″ long!

    I feel ya man. I’ve been stung a number of times by them. Each time, it feels like I was electrocuted.

    Am very glad that they make the wasp killers with long shot cans.

    I’m sorta weird…. I love the country, love living in the country, but can’t stand it when it invades inside my home. eeek. hate spiders or bugs inside my home.

    Friend of mine lives in a renovated old bard and she gets all kinds of arachnids in her home. All the time. She gets stung and bit on a weekly basis. I’d be investing in flame throwers.

  2. Probably yellow jackets. I sprayed the hell out of parts of the porch and the cover with bug spray, and shoved the cover to the corner of the porch with a long hockey stick (while wearing sweats and long sleaves, just in case). Going to pick up some wasp spray tomorrow. Have an ice pack on my leg.

  3. mojo says:

    Yellow Jackets (or “meat bees) most likely, attracted to the meat smells of the grill.

    Check the yard, they build underground nests sometimes.

  4. Swollen_Gumballs says:

    Yes, do check every square inch.
    Make sure you shove sticks in to every hole and shake it around a bit.

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